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Daily Bull 11.25.2015: Rivalry Week

You're so vain
You probably think this song is about you

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

BTHOtu The Aggie men's basketball team is spending the holidays in the Bahamas because they will do anything to not have to talk about politics with Uncle John while they eat turkey. And would you look at that, their first match up today is against the... "Tex-as Long-horns"? Am I pronouncing that right? Anyway, here are all the juicy details about the whole tournament, including how to watch it (the answer is you can't unless you pay Mark Cuban).

SPEAKING OF RIVALRIES It's rivalry week around college football. In the SEC that means you should check out the Iron Bowl, the Egg BowlFlorida/FSUClemson/SCGeorgia/GTVandy/UT, and Kentucky/Louisville. That is all.

THIS IS WHY I CHOOSE NOT TO HAVE FRIENDS Erstwhile Cleveland Browns starter Johnny Manziel has found his way back down to the bottom of the depth chart, behind the other Browns quarterbacks Ryan Leaf and a half-empty can of strawberry Fanta. The Browns have decided to eliminate themselves from any semblance of competition in the NFL because Manziel was drinking champagne with his friends during a bye week. In unrelated news, Greg Hardy is a starter.


Have a good day folks. Best #GBHTailgate of the year comin' right up.