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Daily Bull 11.18.15 - Let The Ageism Begin

This man requests a print version of GBH every week. With large type font.
This man requests a print version of GBH every week. With large type font.
Burak Kara/Getty Images

I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone for their stories and comments in our post yesterday about Bonfire, and for keeping the spirit of the occasion in mind. The Remembrance Ceremony was last night, and I hoped as many of you as possible attended.

Thank you also for helping again in another attempt by GBH to glean your personal information through voluntary poll participation. We already knew your area code, now we know how old you are (sorta). Bearing in mind that this is not a scale distribution - and that ages are approximate guesses based on things like "not making memories until you're 5 years old" or the laughable "attended A&M for precisely 4 years" - here is what the age of a sampling of GBH readers looks like:

GBH Ages

Based on these numbers, I am finally ashamed about the language I have used on this site because some of you are too damned young to hear such filth. On the other side of the spectrum, many of you appear to dust your trusty old Compaq 386 off every day to read the Daily Bull and we salute you for it! But most of are in the nice, meaty middle-age of hot taeks and blind anger about the actions of teenagers on a football field. You are all in good company, friends.

Have a good day, we'll get ya a Tailgate here in a bit.