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Remembering Our Past

Sixteen years ago tonight, the Bonfire stack became unstable and collapsed and twelve Aggies were killed as they were working on it.

The aftershocks of this devastating event  changed the very nature of an institution known for standing strongly in its traditions. It was the darkest tragedy in the long history of our school.

Traditions Council will be holding the Bonfire Remembrance Ceremony tonight at 2:42 AM on the polo fields at the Bonfire Memorial. If you have never been we highly recommend that you attend and experience an important tradition and part of the deep history of the school we love so much.


We encourage you to share your good bull stories about Bonfire, Cut, and Stack, whether from the old school days of on-campus Bonfire or the continuing tradition of off-campus Bonfire. If you have no such stories, please ask any questions and hopefully some other Ags can enlighten us all. The farther that we get from that fateful night the hazier the memories become, and it is good to refresh them and pass along our own history.

We only ask that you please bear in mind the emotional nature of this issue when posting here and keep any inflammatory comments to yourself.

Thanks and Gig 'Em