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Daily Bull 11.17.15 - Aggie sports are carb-binging

If you're ever out west son
And you're feeling like slowing down
I'll see you around, round my home town

- Charlie Robinson

HERE. Tonight marks the 16th anniversary of the Bonfire collapse. As with every year there will be a remembrance ceremony held at the Bonfire Memorial at 2:42 AM on the morning of the 18th. We at GBH strongly encourage you to attend this ceremony and learn about the history of Bonfire to honor some very, very good Ags we lost that day.

BASKETBALL HAS CUPCAKES TOO Last night the Aggie basketball team hosted Southeastern Louisiana, and like any good host they made sure to take their coat and offer them a drink before hitting them with a sock full of quarters and leaving them locked in the basement fridge. I'm not sure who the offensive coordinator of the basketball team is, but Kevin Sumlin should pay him a visit.

The last time the A&M basketball team scored 100 points in back to back games was the same year the Berlin wall came down.

TIME TO RUN THE A-11 IMHO Mattywatty breaks down some important takeaways from Saturday's cupcakening. You've heard of the shotgun and the pistol formations? Well introducing Chuck's Long Rifle formation: line up Kyler Murray in standard pistol location with Kyle Allen in the shotgun. No one - including the quarterbacks themselves - will have any idea who's gonna get the snap each play. Coach Sumlin, if you're interested in hiring me for loads of great ideas like this, you can find me at GBH World Headquarters which is actually in the crawl space under your office.

THERE IS NO PROPER BUSINESS REASON FOR PLAYING AN IN-STATE RIVAL Our friends at Viva The Matadors pointed out that at least one #industry professional is projecting A&M and Tech to meet in a bowl game. It would be a very fun, very highly rated game to watch the Ags take on those assholes again, but it's important to remember that don't need them don't miss them let them rot on the vine why help their brand we have exposure SEC moved on BDFLOL dismissive wanking motion. It's a very salient point.