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Daily Bull 11.11.15 - It's Called Dinner, That's What

HEY GUYS SORRY I'VE BEEN GONE WHAT'S BEEN HAPPENI-... oh... oh I see... oh I'm so sorry...

Apple is selling animals online now.
Apple is selling animals online now.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

After a small break I am happy to be back and serving piping hot links for your consumption. In my absence I have watched zero Aggie football and assume that everything has gone great no that's OK I don't need a game recap I'm perfectly confident in my team no please go away just stop talking it's fine.

VOTE FOR #GBHTAILGATE Watch this pretty slick video about the GBH IRL Tailgate and then vote for the awesomest tailgate there is so that we can continue to convince cuppycup to set up a literal free-for-all that will eventually be the subject of a docudrama about the excesses of American culture and their role in the downfall of human society. It also may be used as 'Exhibit B' in your upcoming drunk and disorderly trial.

STOP INVENTING STATES (I'M LOOKING AT YOU BALL STATE) Don't know anything about our upcoming opponents at WCU? Nobody does! Actually that's not true because Spadilly has gone and researched them up for ya. Turns out that Catamount fans travel in packs, fear fire, and have their horns harvested for religious and magical ceremonies.

YOUR SOFT PUNCHES HURT EVEN MORE, COACH Hatin' Ass Spurrier visited yesterday, and he barely had it in him to land a light jab on an already worked-over Aggie team:

Kevin Sumlin works for an ag school, so I guess an offense that keeps getting picked is just part of the curriculum.

It's like the asshole in your platoon being super nice to you because he can see that you've been shot full of holes and the medic isn't giving you anything but more morphine.


What do you call this animal?