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Daily Bull 10.07.15

Come on people now, smile on your brother
Everybody get together, try to love one another right now

- The Youngbloods

Harry Engels/Getty Images

So yesterday got a little outta hand. Let's not talk about it.

In fact, we're not even gonna mention anything that was discussed yesterday because everything was definitely resolved and everyone agrees and is on the same page now so no don't go back and check just trust me.

Instead, let's try to talk about some good things. Like baseball! Did you hear the Astros won last night? That's good because they're from Texas and we like things from Texas and when I used to live in Houston a few years ago they were terrible and so I could get tickets for $4 and that was nice because baseball games are fun in person with peanuts and cotton candy and beer. But now they're good again and they won and get to advance in the playoffs along with the Rangers. Wooo baseball in Texas!

Hey the University of Miami registered a website where people can take their awful horrible #FSUTwitter things and just scream them into a void. That's nice because the alternative is to scream mean internet things at people and really that is just terrible. Shame we didn't have a similar website yesterday.

Oh look Bleacher Report thinks that the Aggies might be in the SEC Championship game! That's pretty nice. Yeah, we all know it's Bleacher Report and so that might not mean much but hey at least it's something and let's be nice to bleacher report those are real people with real feelings.

Have a good Wednesday people. Sorry there's no #WednesdayTrendsday but it needed a bye week too. You will get a tailgate, though! Stay tuned.

I love you.