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Two perfectly reasonable Aggies discuss booing versus hissing at Kyle Field in a calm and rational manner.

Classiest animal there is.
Classiest animal there is.
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by Chuck

"From the outside looking in you can’t understand it. From the inside looking out you can’t explain it."

These are the words that Aggies live by, a way of defining the undefinable. Texas A&M is a special place, a 40,000+ student state university in an obscure town that exists solely to support it. No such other institution exists of its kind. A&M is defined by its traditions, and one of those is that Aggies do not boo.

Riffity riffity riff raff, let’s show them we have class.

Booing is disrespectful. It shows anger about what’s happening on the field by making a common noise that is used only to show disapproval. Instead, Aggies give them the ol’ "horse laugh", a charming and antiquated noise that is only used to indicate disapproval. By being marginally more obscure and old-timey, Aggies are showing that they are a classier fan base. Many teams and referees throughout the centuries have acknowledged the difference and doffed their caps to the level of respect shown by Aggies.

Did you hear about the time that an A&M fan was approached by an opposing team’s fan and told what a classy bunch we are? That’s what I’m talking about here.

Unfortunately, some two-percenters out there have taken it upon themselves to start booing in Kyle Field. These bad Aggies might need to find their way to Austin, IMO. Booing is something that Aggies do not do, especially when thousands of them have been doing it at games lately. It is a base and boorish behavior reserved for people who simply aren’t as classy as Aggies (like those t-sips down the road!)

So don’t forget, next time you feel the urge to boo – like when the preacher mentions t.u. during a sermon or eulogy – please hiss instead. It’s the only proper way for a classy Aggie to show disapproval without being disrespectful to an opponent.



by Wes

Oh, you don't want to boo? OK. Then be quiet. Don't call something a "horse laugh" and feel better about yourselves because it sounds less harsh than the real thing. Aggie classiness is becoming on par with veganism and Crossfit. Don't think an Aggie is classy? Wait about 5 minutes and they'll tell you how damn classy they are because UNLIKE OTHER SCHOOLS WE DON'T SHOW OUR DISAPPROVAL IN A WAY THAT PEOPLE INSTANTLY UNDERSTAND, WE MAKE YOU ASK US ABOUT WHAT THE HISSING SOUND IS SO YOU HAVE TO SIT THROUGH A 5 MINUTE STORY YOU DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT. If you're going to be part of an angry mob which passes back a yell by simulating a middle finger and screaming "BEAT THE HELL OUTTA" the nice visiting team and their fans, you can't split hairs on booing.

Hissing is the replacement curse word for booing. Ags think it's classy because it's not the traditional show of discontent, but it accomplishes the same ends with less venom. It's like the (very sweet and awesome) Mormon girl I had in my grad school study group. She would never curse, bless her. One day she got a paper cut on her hand from one of those thick envelopes. She held a hard "F" for about 3 seconds until she screamed "FUDGE MUFFINS!" at the top of her lungs.

I asked her, "[name redacted], did you mean 'motherfucker?'"


"So you know God knows you meant motherfucker, right?"


God knows you're really booing. Just boo, motherfuckers.