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SEC Media Days 2014: Ole Miss

Ole Miss hit the ballroom at SEC Media Days and addressed questions about disappointment and regret. Invest in Zoloft sales in Oxford.

The hair can hear you talking about it.
The hair can hear you talking about it.
Brandon Larrabee

Ole Miss did not have a terrible season last year, but it is clear that many people in the media felt they should have done better than they did. Coach Hugh Freeze and his players are here to let you know that they are in a program and they are working through things one step at a time. In Freeze's words:

Didn't finish the season like we wanted, obviously.  But with the recruiting that our coaches have done and with those two successful seasons, there's no question that the expectations are raised. I think most fans that are close to our program realize that we're still maybe a year or two away of looking like a total SEC team in the depth chart. But I said on day one that my expectations were to make Ole Miss very relevant in the SEC West.  And I think this year we should be that.

The players are recovering even better, as they set their sights on ways to improve themselves. One of the keys is to not dwell on the past except to take lessons.

CJ Johnson - DE

Just growing pains.  We lost, really we were in all the games, the Bama game was the only one that really got out of hand.  The Auburn game we should have won, the A&M game we should have won, the Mississippi State game we should have won that one.  We're right there.  So to experience that and to come back this year with that on our minds is definitely going to help.

Bo Wallace - QB (on past injuries)

You know you see that throw down the field and you know you can make a big play out of it, but you don't even want to try it because you'll underthrow it and it'll get picked or something like that.  Yeah it’s definitely frustrating.

Cody Prewitt - S

Up until that LSU game I think we were still too young to know how to win, and I think that's going to be the biggest difference this year. Now we know how to win those dogfights, we know how to win those games that are coming down to the fourth quarter. I think that maturity and experience is really the thing that's going to help us excel this year.

One thing that Ole Miss can hang their hat on (puns!) is their glorious hair.  Not just from known football-throwing coiffure Dr. Bo , but apparently from Prewitt.

People kept saying how great Bo's hair was, and I was saying 'Guys, I'll show you pretty hair.