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SEC Media Days 2014: Tennessee Volunteers

Good Bull Hunting would like to extend its sincerest apology to the Volunteers organization, all of whom seemed genuinely pleasant from a distance.

Fairly sure it was one of these guys.
Fairly sure it was one of these guys.

Sometimes you are able to meet all of your obligations. Other times, you are two freelance writers for a Texas A&M blog who are attempting to cover every event of SEC Media Days. At those times, you find yourselves expending extra effort to cover Texas A&M's portion - despite resistance on all fronts - to the extent that you have no time to cover The University of Tennessee.

We have no hate for the real UT. Coach Butch Jones sounded encouraging and hopeful through my headphones as I parsed audio from our A&M player interviews. The players all seemed well-mannered and properly groomed as we tried to determine who they were due to our lack of preparation. Derek felt the overall warmth of their presence even from downstairs where he was on the radio with Aubrey Bloom from The Eagle and Zone 1150.

Other than visual confirmation, we have no idea what these people said. We wish we did. They had southern charm in their lilt and the gathered media even laughed jovially at whatever jokes they might have made.

Rest assured that had we been able to get to it, we would have certainly covered the many issues that Coach Jones must address this season, which probably included something about more wins this season than last season. He also presumably had interesting things to say about his players, or recruits, or maybe scheduling. He makes a good point!

We then would likely have included some quotes from these players, who all seemed genuine and affable. I like them, despite having not actually spoken to or listened to them. They're good guys.

We do know this was the best selfie taken all day.  Probably.