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SEC Media Days 2014: Texas Aggie Players

Good Bull Hunting attempts to get a word in edgewise to the Aggie players at SEC Media Days. Let the great Drew Kaser 2014 Heisman Campaign begin!

Brandon Larrabee

Hand it to the media for swarming our boys with questions despite their clearly stated resentment that none of them were Johnny Manziel. All of the Aggie players handled the situation with aplomb by calmly explaining that they were not Johnny Manziel, they did not play the same position as Johnny Manziel, and please stop asking questions about Johnny Manziel.

(For the record, Drew Kaser is as dreamy as Johnny Manziel.)

With all of those shenanigans behind them, the players got down to the business of explaining how they could stop a JV high school from scoring and how the offense could possibly be run by anyone who doesn't currently play for the Cleveland Browns.

Good Bull Hunting was even able to sneak in a few specific questions of our own. If you want to watch the complete videos of the players or Kevin Sumlin, we posted them here.

Cedric Ogbuehi - OL

The leader of a consistently impressive A&M offensive line was there to talk about the young blood in the team, A&M's embarrassment of riches at running back, and the G.P.O.A.T.

DerekAggie06: Myles Garrett gets a lot of the young guy attention. Outside of him, who are some of the new guys you're impressed with?

Really all of them are doing a great job. For me personally, Koda Martin, he's done a great job. He's up there with me during drills and that's pretty impressive.

DA06: The quarterbacks get a lot of attention in the offense at A&M, all of the media probably don't pay attention to the running backs. What would you like to let them know?

We have three special backs - Tre Carson, Trey Williams, and Brandon Williams. They all have different aspects but they're great backs.

DA: Do you think Drew should get a little Heisman hype?

Yeah, Drew for Heisman.

Deshazor Everett - DB

One of the leaders of the maligned Aggie defense, Everett fielded a barrage of questions about the porous secondary and his expectations for this season.

The single thing for me is just to do my job to start off.  I'll do my job and the players will see me doing my job and they'll follow after me.  I'll just become a leader, basically that's all I can do is lead by example,

What's it like not having Manziel on the team?

Less media attention. (laughter)

What's being done to fix the problems you had last year?

We're just understanding things more, you know younger players are really understanding football.  That's what we have to do.

Drew Kaser - P

The closest thing this Media Days had to a Manziel-like media darling was punter Drew Kaser. With a slick suit and easy smile, this kid owned the room as soon as he walked in. He even sat at the same table Johnny did a year ago, which led to the inevitable questions.

Hypno-Toad: Are you taking over as the bad boy for the team?

No, I don't really think so.  I hope not at least.

On being recruited to Texas A&M:

When I came down for my official visit I just kind of fell in love with Texas A&M. At the same time it was also about 10 degrees and 3 feet of snow back home and it was 65 and sunny back in College Station, so that added to it as well.

Enough formalities!  Let's quit pussyfooting around and get down to brass tacks. What do the people want to know?

DA06: Coach Sumlin says he's glad to see you now but hopes he doesn't see you much in the season. Is there anything you're working on to get on the field outside of special teams?

You know, we'll see.  I always joke about saying, "Hey coach, I got some quarterback experience, why don't you put me back there?"  But he wasn't buying the 'take out Johnny put me in there' stuff.

HT03: How much of an honor is it to be on the watch list for the Ray Guy award two years in a row and are you disappointed in the lack of Heisman hype?

You know, the lack of Heisman hype is a little... I'm a little bitter about that one. But no, it's such a huge honor to be even considered to be with the top punters in college football. There's a lot of great punters out there and just to be mentioned in the top 25 is a huge honor.