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The Upside Downside: Alabama

I look inside myself and see my heart is black / I see my red door I must have it painted black / Maybe then I'll fade away and not have to face the facts / It's not easy facing up when your whole world is black - The Rolling Stones, "Paint It Black"

The sun.  It's good too.
The sun. It's good too.
Kevin C. Cox

Confession time: I barely watched this game.

For the most part I had the opportunity to do so.  There was a television on with A&M @ Alabama playing.  There was space in front of that television to sit, stand, or pace angrily. However, watching those first few drives was akin to watching the Season One finale of Game Of Thrones after having read the books: I could tell what was coming and I didn't like it.

Instead I chose other activities, ones full of beauty and fun and life.  Let's concentrate on those types of things this week.  There was no upside in football, but there are good things in the world.  Please share some of them in the comments.

Downsides were abundant.  If Kenny Hill were to throw a ball it would pass harmlessly by a receiver and hit a downside.

Bama Good


Life is good.  It is a thing that should be cherished.  I like you, person.  Please enjoy your life because you deserve it.


The earth is good.  If you really really think about it, we probably wouldn't be alive if it weren't for the earth.  Since we just established that life is good, then the earth is also probably pretty good since we get to be alive.  My favorite thing about the earth is that it has water and plants and people.

Hey, I just thought of something!  In Europe they call soccer "football", and the earth is kinda shaped like a soccer ball. So if you think about it, you could probably say that Earth is "football-shaped".  I guess there is something good about football this week!



My dog is a good boy.  Yes he is.  Who's a good boy?  Are you a good boy?  Yes.  Yes you are.

You may also have a dog, cat, or other animal who is a good boy (or girl!)  Please share them.


Everything.  All of the things.  The players who played football.  The coaches who coached football.  Probably not the equipment managers, although that is only an assumption.  The trainers were probably also not bad.

Everything else though.

For a complete list of the things that went wrong on Saturday, please tune in to the SEC Network's rebroadcast of the entire game later this week.  You will be the lone Neilsen statistic from your area.