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The streak continues: Texas A&M defeats LSU 71-57

The biggest crowd (13,888) and student turnout (6,658) in Reed Arena history witnessed A&M's sixth straight conference victory and ninth straight victory overall. We're back. Basketball is back.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

We just can't stop winning. It doesn't matter who we play, and it doesn't matter who happens to be hitting for us on that given day. The game speed, the bad breaks, the defensive adjustments by the opposition... it just doesn't matter.

It does. Not. Matter.

All we do is win.


The Big Three

No, it's not who you think. Jalen Jones led the way, sure, but Tyler Davis and Admon Gilder provided the necessary offensive support tonight. Particularly in the first half, when most of the team was misfiring.

  • Jalen Jones: 20 points (9-14 FG; 6 rebounds)
  • Tyler Davis: 18 points (7-9 FG; 5 rebounds)
  • Admon Gilder: 13 points (5-8 FG)

It's the beauty of supporting a team with this much depth. When a couple of starters just don't have it (House/Collins/Caruso combined to shoot 3-15), you still have enough firepower to get it done.

Speaking of House...

You gotta knowwwww when to hold 'em...

Offensively, this was not Danuel House's night. He shot very poorly, he had five turnovers, and he forced the action a great deal early.

And then he recognized that he wasn't hitting and completely changed his game to help the team win.

House finished the evening with 10 rebounds and 6 assists, doing everything you could possibly ask of a great offensive player who simply didn't have his shot that night.

I hope that storyline gets more run over the next few days, because there are plenty of guys in the NCAA that would have tried to shoot their way out of the slump at the team's peril. Great job by House, here. Just fantastic.

The best freshman on the floor

Was not Ben Simmons. While he may be the better basketball player, Tyler Davis straight-up outplayed him this evening.

Kudos to the entire Aggie defense for their defensive efforts, holding Simmons to 10 points on 3-9 shooting. He added 11 rebounds and 5 assists, but he never really dominated the game at any point. And that's all you can ask when you play against someone of his caliber.


I want to take a moment to talk about the crowd tonight, which by all accounts was one of the best Reed Arena has ever seen. Specifically, during a free throw late in the game, when I saw one of the guys in the first few rows turn around. Not to anyone behind him specifically... just, to look. To take in the mass of people behind him.

That resonates with me because I used to do that. During the conference run in 2005, when the few hundred of us starting turning into thousands, we'd keep checking behind us because we couldn't believe what was happening. Because basketball was finally taking hold. But what I really remember is the feeling of turning back around to face the game. Knowing there was a student section packed to the gills behind me, going crazy, and that it was the few thousand of us against them.

I miss that feeling. I loved that feeling. And I'm glad it's back for a new generation of students. So whoever you are, guy in the first few rows... enjoy.

You're in for one hell of a ride.

BTHO Mizzou