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Ryan Tannehill: Franchise Quarterback

Yesterday the Miami Dolphins made a long term commitment to Ryan Tannehill, inking the Aggie signal caller to a 6 year; $95MM deal with $21.5MM guaranteed.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

We have our first true Aggie franchise quarterback.

Yesterday, the Dolphins tacked on four years and $77 million to the remainder of Tannehill's rookie deal (two years/$18.255 million), including a guarantee that starts at $21.5MM but can rise up to $45MM through the life of the contract.

Mike Florio explains in more detail below:

Per a league source, Tannehill receives $21.5 million fully guaranteed at signing.

Another $3.5 million becomes fully guaranteed March 2016.  In March 2017, another $14.475 million converts to being fully guaranteed. The remaining $5.525 million in payments guaranteed for injury only becomes fully guaranteed in March 2018.

Really, we're just tossing semantics on top of one undeniable simple fact... which is that this is a lot of cheddar. A "we see you as a franchise quarterback" amount of cheddar.

Reactions around the league varied, but I found that most hinged on an understanding of the contract.

The reactions may vary, but one thing remains perfectly clear... the Dolphins see themselves as a playoff contender, and they see Ryan Tannehill as the QB that can make it happen.

Good luck and gig 'em, Ryan.