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Aggies in the NFL: Week 13

We highlight the biggest A&M-related NFL stories of Week 13.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

I'm so sorry, we have to start this article with some terrible NFL news.

Noooooooooooo! He is the soul of this article. The amateur cartoon directing, crazy quoting, Pro-Bowl TE gift that keeps on giving.

We will press on. Somehow.


5) Johnny Manziel

Johnny's back! Again. Or.... for the third time, maybe? We've lost track, to be honest.

In any regard, the Browns re-made it re-official after falling to 2-10 this weekend: Johnny Manziel is their starting quarterback.

His schedule starts decently enough... and then it gets dark reallll quick.

  • 12/13: San Francisco
  • 12/20: @Seattle
  • 12/27: @Kansas City
  • 1/3: Pittsburgh

It's one heck of a way to cap his 23rd (and perhaps most tumultuous) year on this earth.

Best of luck over the next few weeks, Mr. Football. Here's one final Browns dig to tide us over.

4) Ryan Tannehill

The Dolphins were 1-4 in their last five under former Aggie TE Dan Campbell... and the natives were starting to get restless about the A&M QB/HC combo.

A very winnable home game against the depleted Ravens beckoned, and Tannehill got it done. Barely.

47.4% completion; 86 yards... and one beautiful touchdown pass that turned out to be juuuuust enough to edge Baltimore 15-13

3) Von Miller

Two more sacks and a forced fumble for Von. Just another day at the office.

2) Michael Bennett

We could very well have two Aggie All-Pro pass rushers in the NFL. Bennett was spectacular on Sunday, stacking another excellent effort on top of an incredible individual statistical season.

He has been simply unblockable lately.

1) Mike Evans

This article is heavily skewed towards individual statistical efforts... but sometime we have to acknowledge spectacular individual moments.

How great is that? It plays like something straight out of a movie. Absolutely fantastic.

Here's the play that won the game for Tampa to move to 6-6.


Let's bring this week's edition to a close... how do you see the final few weeks playing out for Johnny?