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Aggies in the NFL: Week 12

We highlight the biggest A&M-related NFL stories of Week 12.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

First, some bad news. Not that bad news. Other bad news: Sean Porter (Bengals) and Trey Williams (Cowboys) were waived this week. It's a rough business.

Luckily for us, it's a rough business that is sometimes an absolute delight.

One more note: Aggies seemed to be upset with Pettine for daring to activate Johnny on a day when he clearly wouldn't play. "It was a public shaming," they said. Maybe we tap the brakes on judgement in that area.

Let's check in on the guys that played this weekend.

Wednesday morning update: Things aren't so bad for Trey after all


5) Don Muhlbach

It's time for our annual check-in with Don Muhlbach. The consistent deep snapper with a vested pension.

The perfect NFL job.

Same time next year, Don.

4) Jorvorskie Lane

The J-Train continues to see a respectable number of snaps in obvious running situations, but he's in this week's article for his fantastic Players Tribune piece on the Texas A&M/Texas rivalry

3) Von Miller

Denver prevailed, but Von struggled against the Patriots and Tom Brady's pesky habit of releasing the ball before anyone could conceivably hit him.

He did get him, eventually. Twice. But one was a bit late.

Luckily, the internet was there for us with a perfectly reasonable reaction.

From the league, I say!

2) Ryan Tannehilll

The Dolphins are a bit of a mess, losing four of their last five. And a big part of the problem is their offensive system, which completely restricts Tannehill from checking at the line. Ever.

The organization fired the architect of this wonderfully outdated system after Miami's latest loss.

I'm hoping Tannehill connects the with the new guy. Because whatever happens, it needs to happen quick.

1) Derel Walker

Finally, a hearty congrats goes out to Aggie WR Derel Walker. Dude grabbed himself some hardware.