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Aggies in the NFL: Week 8

We highlight the biggest A&M-related NFL stories of Week 8

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Y'all, we might get a mid-week Johnny Football start on national TV. I repeat, we might get a mid-week Johnny Football start on national TV.

Let's get to it.


7) Shane Lechler

Shane had a pretty solid game in the Texans 20-6 victory over Tennessee. Eight punts for an average north of 50 yards... just another day at the office for the future HOF punter. Unless you count the time he tried drop a Stone Cold Stunner on some fools.

It didn't work.

6) Michael Bennett

Bennett had a quiet day statistically, but it doesn't matter because we have reached the end of the #content rabbit hole:

Yes, that's an article comparing the sack dances of two former A&M players. If there was ever a piece to capture our coverage of the NFL... this is it.

In actual football news:

5) Christine Michael

It might be time to yank the e-brake on Christine Michael hype. He has been tabbed the heir apparent for quite some time... and it never really materializes. And this isn't an indictment on his inability to grab a starting job. It's an indictment on his inability to grab/hold the #2 position.

Today's news gives him his latest chance to make a real run at a contributing running back role... here's hoping he finally takes advantage.

4) Damontre Moore

Speaking of NFL talent that can't seem to grasp opportunity... nobody knows what to do with DaMontre Moore. To illustrate this point, the SBNation Giants site Big Blue View recently ran an article literally titled What to do about Damontre Moore. The piece generally argues for Moore to see more playing time despite his penalty issues, specifically noting:

It is commonly held that it's impossible to replicate the speed and intensity of a game in practice. How then is Moore supposed to learn to control himself and channel his enthusiasm if he is never put in a position that tests his abilities to control himself?

The common refrain is that he is a third year player who has played in 38 career games, so he should know better, be more disciplined.But he has only played 611 of 2,772 possible defensive snaps to date. That is just 22 percent of the potential defensive snaps over three years. How well can Moore learn to keep his head in the heat of a game when 78 percent of his career has been spent on the bench?

The full piece is a good read. Hopefully the Giants let him work through these issues.

3) Ryan Tannehill / Dan Campbell:

The Miami Dolphins headed to New England in high spirits, fresh off of consecutive whippings of the Tennessee Titans and the Houston Texans. That, my friends, is quite an upgrade in difficulty. That's like going from a game against eleven confused children to a game against, well, the New England Patriots.

It did not go well.

Not much to write home about in this 36-7 drubbing on the road. Burn the tape.

2) Von Miller

Von is the gift that keeps on giving, and this week's gifts included a bold prediction that Denver would handle Green Bay on Sunday night.

And in this week's version of "things that are meant to be jokes that are unfortunately very, very true"

Finally, a quick glance at Von's monster upcoming payday. Dude is going to hit the open market and command a fortune.

1) Johnny Manziel

Johnny played sparingly in injury relief this past Sunday (12 yards, 50% completion, barely enough time to mention), but McCown's tendency to block hits with his ribs has led to a surprising announcement:

This is awesome and definitely straightforward! Or is it. Apparently McCown has a different take, penned ever so impartially by Mary Kay Cabot:

Browns quarterback Josh McCown waved off an eager Johnny Manziel in the third quarter of Sunday's 34-20 loss to the Cardinals and was not about to let a little thing like an excruciating shot to the ribs knock him out of the game.

And he probably won't let it keep him from Thursday night's game in Cincinnati for the 7-0 Bengals.

Who knows what will happen... but Johnny Manziel tends to show up when he hits the road to play an undefeated team on national television.