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Aggies in the NFL: Week 7

We highlight the biggest A&M-related NFL stories of Week 7

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A quick note at the top... Johnny played sparingly in relief of Josh McCown, completing 80% of his passes for 27 yards. He's tapped to be the starter next week should McCown be unable to recover.

Now... on to our bigger stories in Week 7 of the NFL season


6) Damontre Moore

Last week, Damontre was flagged for a late hit that got the Eagles rolling... and this week he found himself among the inactives:

For those of you keeping score at home, that's an over-the-top benching for something that probably could have been handled with a week of internal punishment. Which is something we can't relate to at all.

5) Shane Lechler

Shane had himself a heck of a day for the Houston Texans. Eight punts at a 48 yard average, with a net average north of 45.

Sure sounds like a great day of punting fueled by offensive ineptitude. Which is something we can't relate to at all.

4) Christine Michael

Michael was trumpeted all week as someone who might take the reins of the Cowboys RB job... but it appears he didn't do enough in practice to unseat Darren McFadden.

Wait... is that an Aggie running back uncertain about his position in an organization? That certainly sounds like something we can't relate to at all.

3) Mike Evans

Mike had himself one heck of a day, nabbing eight receptions for 164 yards and a touchdown.

It has been an odd year for Mike, as he seems to oscillate between double digit targets and a Jameis Winston cold shoulder.

He's a really, really talented receiver who occasionally sees too few targets with no explanation, which is certainly something we can't relate to at all.

2) Michael Bennett

Bennett had arguably his best game as a pro on Thursday night, as he was credited for 3.5 sacks in a demolition of the San Francisco 49ers

Make no mistake about it, Bennett is making an early case for defensive MVP on the struggling 3-4 Seahawks. He's an extremely talented defensive player stranded on a struggling team. Which is something we can't relate to at all.

1) Ryan Tannehill

The real story of the weekend was Ryan Tannehill. There's no other way to describe it... the man simply played a perfect game of football.

His start was okay:

And he managed to pick up some minor NFL notables during the afternoon:

His final line? A completion rate of 94.7%, 282 yards, 4 TD's, 0 INT's, and a perfect 158.3 quarterback rating.

It was a career day.

Aggie HC Dan Campbell moved to 2-0 on season, and the change had a pretty notable impact on the Dolphins offensive output.

The Dolphins saw something wrong within their organization, and they took steps to rectify it before the season was lost. Which, up to this point, is something we can't relate to at all.

BTHO South Carolina