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Aggies in the NFL: Week 5

We highlight the biggest A&M-related NFL stories of Week 5

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We know it's Bama Hate Week... but pace yourself. A dozen mid-week #POFG rage-screams aren't healthy. Take a brief respite from Bammer hate, rest, relax, and read up on the latest updates from our Sunday Aggies.


5) Michael Bennett

Bennett made yet another impact play this week, blowing up a reverse and causing a fumble that was scooped by Bobby Wagner for a 22-yard touchdown. But, as you might guess, his section doesn't end there. Because things are rarely that straightforward with Bennett these days.

Another overly aggressive post-INT QB planting might ding Bennett's wallet this week, as he has earned a bit of a reputation for post-turnover theatrics.

It's all part of the Michael Bennett experience. You take the good with the bad.

4) Jake Matthews

Matthews looks great this year, and he has been a huge part of Atlanta's 5-0 start. From the MMQB's recent Best of the New and/or Improved in 2015 piece:

The roof nearly blew off the Falcons’ draft room when they landed Matthews in 2014. They had the guy to steady the sinking ship that was their offensive line. But as his first season drew to a close, he was an unmitigated disaster—of the 84 rated tackles (right and left) he was dead last. This was beyond bad: 11 penalties, and seven sacks, nine QB hits and 35 hurries allowed. His run blocking was even worse.

This season he’s allowed four hurries, three of which came against Houston last week. (For the majority of the time he was up against Jadeveon Clowney and Jared Crick, not J.J. Watt.)

It’s so easy in hindsight to say he must have been hurt during his rookie season, but how hurt do you have to be to play that badly and be left in? The Falcons are now our top-rated offensive line, and while Matthews not the sole reason, he’s been a huge part of the turnaround.

3) Damontre Moore

DaMontre hasn't exactly made the most of his recent chances, but that changed in Sunday night's victory over San Francisco.

The ferocious pass rusher we knew in College Station is slowly rounding out the rest of this game. Here's hoping that his continued development and increased productivity can lead to more playing time.

2) Dan Campbell

Aggieland's newest NFL Head Coach wasted no time settling into his new digs

That article lends some great insight into Campbell's philosophy, and it shows that he has no interest in treating this like a caretaker position:

He sounds nothing like an interim coach. In 30 minutes, you got the feeling that the matter of taking over a team in October after a pitiful 1-3 start was a trifling inconvenience—he was the head coach of the Miami Dolphins, and the fact that he took over now instead of in January didn’t really matter. He had every intention of taking advantage of this chance and turning Miami around this year, rather than keeping the seat warm for the next, more established head man.

Campbell is the youngest Head Coach in the NFL, and that article screams youth and energy. Here's a nice nod to the past which can help place his age in context:

1) Von Miller

The NFL has many terms (sacks; knockdowns; hurries; strip sacks) for QB pressure, but they don't have a term that covers "grown ass man juking a RT and straight-up stealing the football from his opponent"

We say it every week, but it bears repeating: He might be the best outside linebacker in the game, and he loves to rep our school.

Gig 'Em, Von