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Aggies in the NFL: Week 3

GBH highlights the biggest A&M-related NFL stories of Week 3

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It was a newsworthy weekend in A&M's corner of the NFL world... but it wasn't always for the right reasons.

Here are the biggest stories of the week:

5) Johnny Manziel (1-0 in 2015, no week 3 stats, watched 0-2 Josh McCown lose at home to the Raiders)

Johnny Manziel is a creature of momentum. He threw two touchdowns last week, locked down his first victory as a pro, and had a tasty week 3 home matchup against Oakland. His performance generated league-wide headlines, and he had Texans saying things like "I wonder where I can watch next week's Browns-Raiders game." For the first time in his professional career, he had momentum.

The Cleveland Browns are creatures of mediocrity. They saw this momentum brewing and chose to stuff it, benching their first round pick for the recently concussed Josh McCown. Who, of course, game-managed his way to a home defeat against Oakland. For not the first time in their professional career, the Cleveland Browns had mediocrity.

Now, the Browns have a full-fledged mess on their hands. Players are complaining, but ownership appears dead set on rolling with McCown in week 4.

Cleveland Browns football. Feel the excitement.

4) Randy Bullock

Randy drilled the upright on 43 yarder right before half and missed an extra point that would have given the Texans an 8 point lead in the fourth. Houston still prevailed, but the damage was done. Randy was released and replaced with Nick Novak, who incidentally lost his job to Josh Lambo three weeks ago.

Farewell, #KickerU

3) Ryan Tannehill (26/49; 297 yards; 2 TD's; 3 INT's)

Last week, Dolphins fans blamed everyone but Ryan when Miami lost to Jacksonville. That's not the case this week. Tannehill looked bleak at home against Buffalo, and the Bills ran away with a contest that was never really in doubt. The stats may look somewhat decent, but don't let that fool you. Those are garbage time numbers.

Some may point to a tough matchup against Rex Ryan's defense, but that's just life in the AFC East. If you want to win the division, the road runs through two of the best defensive minds in football and a resurgent Jets squad with Revis Island. Fair or no, Tanny is going to be judged by his performances within the division. And he's off to a poor start.

2) Von Miller

It's not all bad news. Von was extremely disruptive for the third straight week, and he probably picked up an FCC violation with his most ridiculously provacative sack dance yet. Dude cracks me up, and clearly gives zero frans.

If you think you're ready, you're not... but here it is anyways

Von also did not follow in the footsteps of Michael Bennett during the SNF intros, giving A&M some love and dropping a hearty Gig 'Em. Keep wrecking quarterbacks, Von.

1) Mike Evans (seven receptions; 104 yards)

Mike Evans is back, y'all. He received seventeen targets from Jameis Winston (seriously, that is a ridiculously high number), converting seven for 100+ yards. Jameis wasn't exactly on point... but the healthy amount of targets were a great early sign of trust. If he can stay healthy, we should expect another huge year.