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White Out Reed

Aggie Hoops is on a blistering five-game winning streak, and there are some massive home games on the horizon. We sat down with the Reed Rowdies to talk promotion, attendance, and making Reed Arena as intimidating as possible.

Photo courtesy of Texas A&M Athletics

Typically, we here at GBH like to write articles for the masses. The bigger the audience, the higher the prospective page views, right? It's blog math. Blath.

Today, though, we depart from that mindset. Today, we're talking directly to current students. Because you guys have a really unique opportunity ahead of you; an opportunity that hasn't been available for a few years, and most certainly wasn't available for long stretches before the Gillispie era.

We're talking, of course, about big-time College Basketball at Reed Arena.

With your Aggies at 5-2 and tied for 2nd in the SEC, it's time to go all-in. There are six home games remaining, and every single one of them is massive. I've seen the push around social media to get five thousand students to the game tomorrow, and I think that's fantastic. It's a goal I really think you guys can meet. With that in mind, we sat down with the Reed Rowdies to talk promotion, attendance, and making Reed Arena as intimidating as possible.

GoodBullHunting: So, tell me about the Reed Rowdies. We see you guys behind the basket at all home games, but what are your other activities that promote Texas A&M basketball?

Reed Rowdies: The Reed Rowdies are the official student support group of the Texas A&M Men's basketball team. Every student at basketball games is a member of the Rowdies. Within the Reed Rowdies there is a leadership organization called the Officer Club, made up of members that create and carry out promotional efforts on campus (holding banners, placing a basketball goal at Rudder plaza, passing out flyers, selling the official Reed Rowdies shirts, running tailgates, hosting watch parties for away games, etc.)

Along with all the hours and hard work the Officer Club members put in, they get to participate in special events like a dinner at coach Kennedy's house, events with the Aggie Angles and other student organizations, and other cool social events. Members of the Officer Club are selected at the beginning of every fall semester through an application process. The Officer Club looks for students that are dedicated and passionate about promoting Aggie basketball and bringing a rowdy environment to Reed Arena.

GBH: Is it too late for students to get involved?

RR: We would love for all students to get involved in Aggie basketball by joining us at tailgates, watch parties, and most importantly Reed Arena to help create a raucous home court advantage. For those who want to get involved in the Reed Rowdies Officer Club we welcome them to apply next fall.

GBH: Are there any upcoming non-promotional activities I should be aware of? Do the Rowdies have any activities for road games?

RR: We are having a tailgate sponsored by The Corner Bar and Aggieland Bud Light for the Vanderbilt game on Saturday and everyone is invited! We'll set up around 11 and will go into the game around 2:30, so get there early. We also have watch parties at The Corner Bar for every road Aggie Basketball game. It's a great way to meet other people that enjoy Aggie Basketball, and the beer is pretty good too.

GBH: How does student ticket pull work for basketball? Is it any different from the process in place for football games?

RR: You don't even need a ticket! All students that have a sports pass just swipe their student ID at the door and are admitted into the game. Seating is first come first serve at Aggie basketball, so the earlier you arrive the better your seat. Standard student doors open 1 hour before the game. However, if you are wearing a current Reed Rowdies official t-shirt you get to enter 15 minutes earlier than the standard student opening. Shirts can be purchased at the MSC bookstore all week, as well as in the concourse during games.

GBH: With the increasing success and renewed student interest in basketball, what are some reminders for students who may be new to experiencing Reed?

RR: Every home game is a whiteout for the Reed Rowdies. This means all students should wear white. We also would remind people to participate in traditional A&M yells as well as basketball chants. They are easy to pick up and fun to yell. Lastly, go wild and be as loud as possible in the stands. The team really feeds off the crowd, so come be apart of something special and help get the Ags to six straight SEC wins.


A big thanks to the Reed Rowdies for their help pulling this together. Enjoy the packed student section, and thanks for all that you do for the program.

For the skimmers among you, here are the high points:

  • Swipe your Student ID to get in (no ticket required); seating is first-come first-served
  • Reed Rowdies Tailgate this Saturday at 11:00 before the Vanderbilt game at 3:30
  • Watch parties at The Corner for all away games
  • Wear white. Be loud.
  • BTHOVandy