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Aggies push win streak to five

The Aggies defeated Auburn to push their win streak to five an- OH NO DANUEL HOUSE IS LITERALLY ON FIRE THIS IS A DISASTER

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Five in a row. Vandy comes to Reed this Saturday, and the place will be rocking. Jump on board, everyone.

1) Danuel House was no longer Danuel House and instead became this weird kind of flame person.

Here's a picture of ESPN's play-by-play from the opening few minutes. Grab a fire extinguisher and change the alarm batteries. (You should probably do that anyway. The beeps are annoying.)

Mr House actually had a pretty interesting evening from that point on. He didn't score for around 25 minutes, then hit some big late shots and missed a couple of wide open dunks, all while smirking at the student section and contemplating his love of pikachu.

It wasn't a perfect evening. But his early onslaught set the tone.

2) Jordan Green will haunt KT Harrell's dreams

Auburn shooting guard KT Harrell was the SEC's second leading scorer coming into this game... and he had zero points at halftime. When that happens to a team's best scorer, they get frustrated and try to shoot their way out of it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't... but it's almost always the route they choose.

Jordan Green denied him even the chance to be frustrated. You could tell Harrell wanted to shoot his way back into the game, but he simply didn't have the chance.

He was denied even the option to choose his own style of execution.

Eventually, the flow of the game demanded somebody from Auburn to jack up shots from the outside, and still... he couldn't get a look on the ball. It reminded me of my favorite Twilight Zone episode, where the book aficionado stops time yet breaks his glasses upon entering the library.

You could almost hear the same anguish in Harrell's voice when the team needed him to shoot and he was stuck helplessly close to a smirking Jordan Green.

"That's... that's not fair. There's time now. There's finally time now."

(he did end up with 11, but most came when the game was beyond reach)

3) Alex Robinson.

No quirky headline here. He was that good. Robinson carried us through a slow passage in the first half, and he brought the game home on a night when Alex Caruso couldn't find his shot.

I tried to articulate this before the season, but I'll touch on it again real quick - our depth was the basis of my optimism this year. Not just because it meant we could withstand injuries, but because for the first time in three years it meant one of our key contributors could have an off night without submarining the team's chances.

That's what happened tonight. Caruso and Jones struggled offensively (especially early), and the rest of the team picked them up. That, more than anything else, is the #1 reason you should be excited about this season of Aggie Basketball.