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Aggies in the NFL: Week 4

GBH highlights the top Aggie NFL performers in Week 4

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Wow, what a game. I sure am glad I most certainly didn't complain about three consecutive stress-free football games last week. That would be embarrassing.

But enough about that. Survive and advance. If you're anything like me, you used Sunday to keep tabs on week 4 of the NFL regular season and recover from that extremely draining tilt against Arkansas. Here are the standout A&M performances.

5) Martellus Bennett (11 targets, 9 receptions, 135 yards)

His efforts ultimately didn't matter in a poor defensive effort against Green Bay, but Bennett continues to produce win, lose or draw. Through four weeks he's 2nd among NFL Tight Ends in receptions and touchdowns and 4th in receiving yards.

Don't ever change, Money.

4) Ryan Tannehill (278 passing yards, 31 attempts / 23 completions, 2 TD's)

The NFL sent the Oakland Raiders to London, adhering to the time-honored business principle of "If you have a new market interested in a thing, send them the worst possible version of that thing."

Never fails.


So, yeah, Tannehill was playing a clearly checked-out Raiders defense who wanted no part of that global tour... but I'm still happy he looked good. Miami had an interesting faux-quarterback controversy during the lead-up to this game, so it was nice to see Ryan put it to bed.

3) Randy Bullock (3/3 field goals; long 55)

Randy came through for Houston yet again, nailing two late 50+ yard field goals in a tight six-point win over Buffalo.

Kicking highlights are tough to come by, but I was able to find some secondhand video of the 55 yard effort.

2) Mike Evans (7 targets, 4 receptions, 65 yards, touchdown)

Evans continues to look better and better each week. He had another solid day (that included his first NFL touchdown), but he unfortunately came down with a groin injury that could keep him out 3-4 weeks.

Congrats to Evans on his first regular season TD.


1) Damontre Moore (4 tackles, 2 TFL, 1 Sack, 1 sack dance)

I'm giving the #1 spot this week to DaMonster, who finally recorded his first full NFL regular-season sack. Apparently this sack came with a dance (I can't find this anywhere), and like his fellow Aggie pros, he celebrated with gusto.

Damontre touched on his dance style in a post-game interview, paying homage to fellow Aggies Cyrus Gray and Von Miller.

"I had to get out from the bottom of the pile," he said before clearing space and engaging in a sack dance that was an awkward shimmy. He said it was a shout-out to his former Texas A&M teammates.

"It's more of an Aggie and a friendship thing in our inner circle. Me, Von [Miller], Cyrus [Gray]. We always joke around. If I get it, I'm gonna make it happen."

Moore said Miller, who plays for the Broncos, started the dance and then Gray, who plays for the Chiefs, performed it last week. He called Moore during the week to taunt him about his lack of sacks.

"He was like 'You gonna do it this week?' and I was like 'Yeah, I got you.' "

So who performs the dance the best?

"I would say Cyrus probably does it the best, but there are other things I do better than him and he wishes he was as good a dancer as I am," Moore said. "But I ain't gonna lie, he does that dance a little bit better than me. Can't be good at everything."

[author's note] 1 koozie (which I'm not authorized to give away at all) to anyone who can find Damontre's sack dance