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Aggies in the NFL: Week 3

GBH highlights the top Aggie NFL performers in Week 3

Joel Auerbach

With another non-conference patsy seriously three in a row is kinda lame valuable coaching experience in the books, we turn our eyes to the NFL to check on our Aggie pros.

Honorable Mention: Johnny Manziel (1 trick play, 1 trick play called back, 0 actual statistics)

Here, let me set the scene

  • Johnny checks into the game
  • Johnny is called towards the sidelines
  • Johnny is visibly angry that he is being called off the field but he doesn't step out of bounds
  • Everybody falls for it because Johnny Oscar is incapable of failure
  • The ball is snapped and Hoyer hits a wide open Manziel down the sideline
  • The play is called back because these are the Browns and, well, that's the reason *


* There is no official NFL penalty for being the Browns. A receiver wasn't set when the ball was snapped.

5) Cyrus Gray (4 carries, 18 yards, 1st NFL TD, Unlimited gyrating)

Cyrus put the Chiefs victory over Miami on ice with a late six-yard TD run. And to celebrate his first NFL non-preseason TD... he danced. Oh, did he dance.

Gray later admitted in a post-game interview:

"The dance, I actually stole it from my brother Von Miller. I stole it and it worked for me."

4) DaMontre Moore (blocked punt)

We had some Aggie-on-Aggie crime this week when DaMontre flew around the edge to block Shane Lechler's 4th quarter effort at Giants stadium. Giants fans have been waiting for him to make the leap in year 2, and hopefully this can vault him towards some legitimate production on the defensive side of the ball.


3) Von Miller (3 solo tackles, 4 assists, 1 sack, world's first safety Shmoney dance)

Von continues to NGAF about the NFL's desire to not have fun playing this sport, and it is delightful. Seattle ultimately prevailed, but Von appears to be back in "weekly sack" form.

Fun impressive statistic - Von has 37 sacks in his first 43 starts

2) Martellus Bennett (5 receptions, 54 yards, 2 touchdowns)

Yawn. Another week, another huge game for Money B. Pencil him in for 50-80 yards and at least one touchdown until further notice.


1) Jake Matthews (Flawless evening in a merciless beating of Tampa Bay, general badass)

Y'all, the things I hear out of Atlanta are amazing. It's not "we nailed this draft pick, and we're glad he's contributing immediately" and it's not even "wow, he's completely stabilized the offensive line as a rookie." It's a hushed, almost disbelieving "we have a franchise left tackle for the next fifteen years." As if there's this unspoken fear that if they say it too loudly someone else will hear it and it won't be real.

Just look at this. He drives his man into the endzone on a play that started from the twenty yard line.

He's the real deal.