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Williams, Carson Named to Doak Walker Watchlist

Texas A&M one of only eight schools with two running backs on Thursday's 53-man watchlist.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It's time.

The Texas A&M running backs have been extremely patient over the past two years, ceding upwards of 13 carries per game to Johnny Manziel over the past two seasons. (Note: rightfully so, at a career clip of 6.3 YPC). But those days are gone, and Johnny's carries are likely to be taken from the winner of this fall's QB battle. At long last, we'll get to see the full potential of junior running backs Trey Williams and Tra Carson, who were both listed on Thursday's Doak Walker Award Watchlist.

Williams (5'8"/195lb) is lightning in a bottle, capable of jukes, somersaults wait nevermind spins, and jump cuts that can leave a trail of defenders in his wake. And once he sees daylight, he has enough straight line speed to outrun just about anyone in an SEC secondary.

A quick look at his stats (7.0 YPC? really?!) confirm that he's ready for an expanded load in 2014.


Meanwhile, Carson (6'1"/230lb) has a more.... "direct" approach, where defenders are not to be avoided. Rather, they are disposed of, often times in hilarious fashion. He started the season very impressively, but found himself in a "specialist" role as the year rolled on. Regardless, he's the yin to Williams' yang, and he, too, is poised for a full share of the workload.

Carson's statistics aren't quite as impressive, but that 5+ YPC still works for me


Y'all, we need to run the ball this year. And we'd better. With a strong offensive line and WR speed that demands over-the-top help, the running game can be our crutch on days when the new QB (or same old defense) doesn't have it. Just give Trey/Tra (nickname pending) their touches and watch them work.