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Aggies in the NFL: Week 13

He's baaaaaaaaack

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Let's be honest. There's no need to re-hash the LSU unpleasantness.

Instead, a hearty congratulations is in order for the Aggie Soccer program's first trip to the College Cup. The squad plays Virginia this Friday on ESPNU at 4PM. Check it out, it's a special group of ladies that represent our university very well.

Now, on to the week NFL 13 highlights. And there is much to discuss.

5) DaMontre Moore (one tackle, two passes deflected)

Moore had a decent enough statline, credited with one tackle, two batted passes, two hits/hurries, and a +1.8 grade (good enough for best Giants pass rusher of the day) from PFF. But that wasn't the story. The story was his first extended playing time of the season, getting 41 snaps in a year where he traditionally averaged fewer than a dozen. (Also, they lost to Jacksonville. But we'll ignore that.)

The natives were getting restless in New York, in part because some disappointing efforts weren't leading to increased playing time for Moore and a few additional under-utilized young guys.

We can't empathize there. Nope. Nope. Nopenopenope.

4) Martellus Bennett (8 receptions, 109 yards)

This is about as quiet of a 100+ yard performance as you'll ever see. Money bounced back from his recent run of below-average receiving totals, but it was all for naught in yet another division defeat, this time at the hands of Detroit.

As a wise man once said, never bet against the Lions on Thanksgiving.

3) Von Miller (three tackles, 1.5 sack, 1 pass defended, more dancing)

I'll start with the bad: Von was tagged with a personal foul penalty for an ugly late hit on Chiefs' quarterback Alex Smith, and KC Tight End Travis Kelce thought Von deserved a shot to the face for his troubles. A new and exciting way to exact revenge, indeed.

Now, the good: Von's intro on SNF contained his usual shout-out to Texas A&M and a hearty Gig 'Em, and his play on the field contained his usual disruption. 1.5 sacks, a pass deflection, three tackles, and more dancing.

When you see this

Von Sack

You get this

Von Dance

2) Mike Evans (49 yards receiving, should probably find a safehouse and lay low for a while)

Mike Evans had an average day at the office, bringing down four recep- OK I CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER HERE IT IS HERE'S THE GREATEST VINE OF THE SEASON

I must admit, I applaud Newman's decision to jump into a much larger, angry man who is trying to block him. Bold move, sir.

Is bold the right word?

1) Johnny Manziel (5/8 for 63 yards, 13 yards rushing, 1 TD)

No matter what else happened on Sunday or Monday night, this was grabbing my #1 slot. Everything else in what was an extraordinary week 13 became less important.

When word filtered out that Hoyer was on the ropes, I immediately grabbed an extremely shady online feed legally watched the game in a totally legal fashion. The immediateness and legality of this process cannot be stressed enough. I then watched the Bills score, and I watched the camera pan to Johnny on the sidelines. Then I watched him warm up and grab his helmet. Then I watched him jog on to the field. He was in. He was playing. The wait was over.

It was finally time for football, and Johnny held up his end of the bargain. He entered the game facing a late seventeen-point deficit, and immediately engineered a drive that generated more points and yardage than the seven previous Hoyer drives combined.

Here's a quick look at the TD play, but most of the drive can be seen starting at 2:00 of this clip.

The comeback attempt fell short, but the game itself led to most obvious epiphany in the history of obviousness and epiphanies:

I missed watching Johnny Manziel play football.

Cleveland, do the right thing. I'm not saying you'll get a Super Bowl, and I can't even guarantee that you won't occasionally be frustrated as hell. But I can promise you this:

You will never be bored.