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Aggies in the NFL: Week 16

GBH highlights the top Aggie NFL performers in Week 16

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

A belated Merry Christmas, everyone!

It's not too early to start planning your escape route from work on Monday. If you're out of ideas, just run sideways for a bit before turning 90 degrees and sprinting towards your goal. That tends to work when A&M football is involved.

Here are our Aggie highlights from Week 16 of the NFL regular season

5) Johnny Manziel (3/8 for 32 yards, 3 yards rushing, 1st half injury)

Johnny didn't play that well on Sunday, and a hamstring injury on a designed run in the 2nd quarter knocked him out for the remainder of the season.

He just..... never really got going this year, but you could argue that the organization didn't exactly put him in a position to succeed. Hopefully the Browns can cure their curious play-calling, suspect offensive line play, and stonehands on the edge.

4) Randy Bullock (6/6 FG; 1/1 XP)

Randy was money for the Texans on Sunday, nailing six field goals in a huge victory over Baltimore.

If San Diego and Baltimore lose this weekend, Houston can clinch a playoff spot with a win over Jacksonville. Considering last year's complete debacle, 2014 has been a pretty fun ride for this native Houstonian. And Randy (30/35 FG; 37/37 XP, 37 touchbacks) has been a consistent piece of the puzzle.

3) Mike Evans (4 receptions, 49 yards)

Okay, so this wasn't a great game for Mike. But I include him to point out his spectacular rookie season numbers, which place him at or near the top of all NFL Rookie offensive categories.

  • Receptions (4th) - 62
  • Receiving yards (3rd) - 997
  • Receiving TD (T-1st) - 11

Hell of a first season, Mike. And he keeps getting better.

2) Michael Bennett (4 tackles, sack, Pro Bowl Alternate)

Bennett has 7 sacks on the season, and has been an extremely disruptive force during Seattle's recent run of defensive dominance. He has also emerged as one of the more outspoken players on the defensive side of the ball, recently trumpeting the Seahawks as the "best defense to ever play the game."

There was no shortage of "Shenanigans!" calls from the northwest when Bennett was left off the Pro Bowl roster, but they shouldn't worry. Something tells me he'll be pretty busy during the week leading up to the Super Bowl.

1) Von Miller (Three tackles, forced fumble, named to Pro Bowl roster)

Quick point of clarification here; this was less "forced fumble" and more "grown-ass man straight up stealing the football."

Von was rightfully named to the 2015 Pro Bowl roster, and continues to terrorize off the edge. If Denver makes another deep run this year, he'll certainly play a huge role.


Quick shout out to Ryan Tannehill (35/47; 396 yards, 4 TD's), who swung fantasy championships around the nation in a stellar performance against Minnesota. The game had no impact on the NFL playoff race.