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Aggies in the NFL: Week 15

Well, that didn't go very well.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

With no Aggie Football to reference at the top, lets jump into our week 15 highlights

5) Von Miller (4 tackles, protector of small woodland creatures, likely Pro Bowl attendee)

With a pedestrian stat line in Week 15, we were forced to look elsewhere for our Von fix.

4) Michael Bennett (2 tackles, potential father to half of Seattle)

We've established a pattern over the first 15 weeks of this article. Victory + OK statistics + dancing with gusto = a guaranteed spot.

3) Ryan Tannehill (29/47 passing for 346 yards, 1 TD / 2 int, 21 yards rushing)

In like a lion (victory over New England in week 1), out like a lamb (whipping by New England in week 15). For the second straight year, Tannehill had himself on the cusp of that "legitimate franchise quarterback" discussion. For the second straight year, he appears to have fallen just short.

I still think he's better than around half the QB's in the league (lord knows we'd take him in Houston), but if he wants to make the next step he needs a big game in a signature victory. Denver, New England, and Baltimore all came calling late in the year... and they all walked away with a win.

2) Mike Evans (2 receptions, 13 yards, #SCTop10 highlight)

Mike was shut down for most of the day, but he kept his name in the headlines with a phenomenal TD catch against Carolina.

1) Johnny Manziel (10/18 passing for 80 yards; 5 rushes for 13 yards; two interceptions)

There were two schools of thought after Johnny's first start in the NFL. One can be briefly summed up in this three-page "the Browns quit on Johnny" TexAgs thread from the zoo that borders on Twilight fanfiction, while the other was gleefully trumpeted by Joe Buck.

The truth, as always, lies somewhere in the middle.

The Browns team effort was absolute crap, and the play calling was laughably conservative... but Johnny didn't exactly help the cause. NFL corners are a different breed, and if the ball doesn't come out with some zip (and on time), it's coming back at you in a hurry.

Unlike Mack Brown, the Browns didn't bring Johnny in to make tackles.