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Aggies in the NFL: Week 9

GBH highlights the top Aggie NFL performers in Week 9

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

This week's take on the A&M game is tricky, because I was out of the country for the past few days. When I left, Kenny Hill was the starter and the Ags were comfortably favored by 30+. But when I ducked into a sports bar on Saturday afternoon to get caught up.... I was hit with a great deal of information in a very short amount of time.

It went something like this.

  1. Walk into sports bar, realize SEC Network is not available
  2. Scan tickers for score updates
  3. "The Lead: Kenny Hill suspended for two games"
  4. [Stare blankly at the screen]
  5. "Texas A&M 21, ULM 13"
  6. [Contemplate giving it all up and becoming a dancer]
  7. [Stand up, start pacing, friends begin to strongly advocate a separate activity]
  8. "Score update: Texas A&M 21, ULM 16"
  9. [allofthenopes.gif, can no longer be in this room]

So that was my college football Saturday. I was beaten mercilessly with a series of unfortunate Aggie football nuggets before ducking out and praying that we'd hold on for the win.

Against ULM.

At home.

Now let's ignore that world for a few hundred words and focus on our Aggies' performance in week 9 of the NFL regular season

3) DeAndre Jordan (ridiculous highlight dunk, excuse to show Brandon Knight face from last year)

Well... this was one of those "quality over quantity" Aggie NFL weeks, so let's dive into the NBA to check in on our favorite highlight reel.

Sweet mother of mercy. When a vicious alley-oop is in play, the man simply does not care about civilian casualties.

Friendly reminder that our Men's hoops team tips off the 2014-2015 season with a home exhibition game this Wednesday - stay tuned for our pre-season bouncyball updates later this week.

2) Ryan Tannehill (24-for-34 passing, 288 yards, 3 TD's / 0 INT's, 4 rushes / 47 yards)

OK, then. On to some actual football. Tannehill looked fantastic on Sunday in a 37-0 pasting of the San Diego chargers.

Tannehill Dolphins Chargers

His game has elevated in the past few weeks, and the key has been a healthy dose of effective running (30.6 yards per game) while keeping his turnovers down (1 int in the last three games). The win was Miami's third straight, and brings their record to 5-3 in an increasingly open AFC Wild Card race.

1) Mike Evans (11 targets, 7 receptions, 124 yards, 2 TD's)

As good as Ryan was, the day belonged to Mike Evans. Tampa Bay fell to 1-6 on the season, but Mike posted his best game of the year and perhaps the most dominant game by any offensive rookie this season.

Of course, he also had a little fun with his old college teammate after his second touchdown.

image courtesy of bro bible

But don't worry, they're still best buds despite various outlets attempting to pass this off as a mean-spirited troll job

Great seeing one of my best friends @mikeevans go off yesterday. Love ya my brother keep ballin.

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