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Aggies in the NFL: Week 12

GBH highlights the top Aggie NFL performers in Week 12

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

With no recent Aggie game to reference and a short game week ahead of us, lets dedicate the opening section to the swamp kittens.

Put simply, we have to beat LSU.

They don't view this game as a rivalry in the slightest, and like everyone else in the SEC West, they won't really respect the program until they get popped in the mouth. We need to end the year on an uptick, we need to continue to build recruiting momentum, and we need to end this three-year "lose every remotely big game at Kyle" stretch.

We have to beat LSU.

Get your mind right over the next couple of days, and show up at Kyle ready to yell your ass off.

Here are week 12's Aggie highlights in the NFL

5) Jorvorskie Lane

Once again, we have to start the column with some terrible news, as Lane was placed on injured reserve after a serious right leg injury in Sunday's game against Chicago. Get well soon, J-Train.

4) Martellus Bennett (4 receptions, 47 yards)

Bennett's year has...... declined. Yeah. We'll go with declined. But it's not all his fault. The Bears locker room has essentially played out like an episode of Real Housewives, and the extremely talented squad sits at a disappointing 5-6.

3) Mike Evans (3 receptions, 47 yards, touchdown)

Last week I unashamedly turned this article into a shrine to Mike Evans. I regret nothing.

Evans did come back down to earth this week, but he still posted his weekly touchdown.

2) Damontre Moore (sack)

Damontre got his third sack of the season... but his snaps were still surprisingly limited. Hopefully he'll get extended looks as the Giants season continues to spiral.

1) Ryan Tannehill (26-36, 228 yards, 15 rushing yards, 4 total touchdowns)

Tannehill had a chance to make The Leap. With a win in Denver, he could have formally announced himself as a top-15 NFL quarterback and as a franchise guy ready to lead his team to the playoffs.

He almost got there.

The Dolphins didn't pull it off, but Ryan played very well for the fourth straight game. And truth be told, the rest of the week's results left Miami squarely in the playoff picture. Before the year is over, he'll have another chance to pass the test.

I leave you with Tannehill's stats over the last four games.

  • 975 passing passing yards, 78 rushing yards, 10 total touchdowns, 2 interceptions