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Aggies in the NFL: Week 7

GBH highlights the top Aggie NFL performers in Week 7

John Konstantaras

This is the part where I discuss A&M football.

The part where I briefly reference the Aggies' fortune this past weekend, set up an awkward transition to NFL talk, and sometimes force an unrelated story about my game watching experience.

Normally, it's good natured. Sometimes it's self-depricating. But it's always here, even after losses.

Until now. That was just too much, man.

Here are your week seven highlights. (note: for my fellow brothers/sisters in grief, I highly recommend Hypno's search for the good things in life)

5) Sundays (rhymes with funday, still the weekend, does not contain 59 point losses)

Let's take a minute to give it up for Sundays.

Sundays are chill. Sundays are sleeping in. Sundays are an afternoon of football sans Verne running out of conversation topics by the second quarter.

Sundays are booze brunches that create regretful Monday morning hangovers. They are fantasy football, TV reruns of Vince Vaughn movies, and a simple joy called "not working." They are all of these things.

And every few years, my BAS flares and they get to flaunt perhaps their most important characteristic: They are not college football Saturdays.

4) Johnny Manziel (No statistics, watched Brian Hoyer self destruct)

The Browns are in a pickle.

Brian Hoyer, proud owner of a 16-for-41 / 0 TD / 1 INT stat line in an eighteen-point loss to 0-6 Jacksonville, is in a contract year. Cleveland has ten games left to essentially go one of two directions:

  • Pay Hoyer starter money, which greatly reduces their chances of the long-term Johnny Cleveland experience


  • Pay Hoyer replacement-level money, risk losing him, and start next year with an open competition

This decision was simpler when Hoyer was playing well and Cleveland was winning games, but this weekend's effort complicates things. I can't tell you which direction they're going to go, but I can guarantee this: They are going to compile as much information on these two quarterbacks as they possibly can before making the call. Which means we're likely to see Johnny sooner than most people think.



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3) Michaeltellus Bennett (5 receptions, 58 yards, 3 tackles, actually two separate people)

The Bennett brothers had pedestrian afternoons, each submitting an average performance in what could be two separate season-damaging losses.

I do find it humorous that Money B can post 5-6 receptions at will when we had so much trouble getting him the ball... but that's how franball go.

image courtesy of sportsmockery

2) Ryan Tannehill (25 of 32 for 277 yards, 2 TD's - 0 INT's, 48 yards rushing)

Speaking of the Bears, Tannehill absolutely carved them up in the first half, hitting his first twelve passes en route to a quick 14-0 lead that set the tone for the game. When you add his rushing numbers to that line, you're looking at some dang fine quarterback play.

The second half performance dipped slightly, but Ryan still finished with a very impressive stat line in a much-needed victory for Miami.

And then he embraced his roots and became a Dolphin.

1) Von Miller (2 tackles, 2 sacks)

Wow, three straight games with two sacks.

Von did his thing on a national stage, posting another impressive statistical night en route to the top position among NFL sack leaders. With 8.0 sacks through six games, Von is on track to match or perhaps exceed his ridiculous productivity prior to last season's injury-shortened campaign.

With Damarcus Ware flying around the other edge and Peyton's offense forcing the opposition into obvious comeback passing situations, there appears to be no stopping America's favorite sack dancer.