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Aggies in the NFL: Week 6

GBH highlights the top Aggie NFL performers in Week 6

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another beating at the hands of a top three football team from the state of Mississippi.

It is 2014 and that sentence is a thing. There's no conceivable way for me to transition out of this. None whatsoever. One simply doesn't plan for a world with two top three Mississippi schools.

Here's some pro football stuff.

5) DaMontre Moore (2 tackles, sack)

DaMontre has himself on a bit of a roll. Moore has submitted a blocked punt, a sack, and another sack in his recent appearances, and he's making a fine case for extended snaps in pass rushing situations.

I'm hoping DaMontre uses this nice surge to latch on as a legitimate pass rush specialist, because I'd hate for his early departure to not be useful. I mean, could you imagine if he stayed in 2013 ALL WE NEEDED WAS AN AVERAGE DEFENSE AND THAT TEAM WINS THE DANG TITLE FOOTBALL IS DUMB WHY DO WE DO THIS you know what, nevermind.

4) Martellus Bennett (4 receptions, 52 yards, two point conversion)

Another solid day for Martellus, who was a key part of the drive that ultimately put this game away. The stats say he hasn't found the end zone since week 3, but I disagree since he was technically in the end zone for this late two point conversion.

And technically correct is the best kind of correct.

Gif courtesy of Sport GIF'S via MarcusD

3) Mike Evans (4 receptions, 55 yards, TD)

Props to Mike for returning from injury ahead of schedule.

When he went down a couple weeks ago; there was real concern that he'd be out for around a month (or maybe more). Instead, he was back in two weeks to submit another solid day, including his second TD catch of the season.

Evans 2nd TD

2) Von Miller (six tackles, two sacks)

Five sacks in his last three games. Sack dances that have a life of their own on social media. Tearing around the edge, doing goofy Madden commercials, and looking every bit as unblockable as he did in 2010.

He's back.

Von Sack Jets

The Jets lineman does not appear to care for Von's latest sack dance

1) Shane Lechler (4 punts, 71 yard long, 54.5 AVG)

Y'all, I can't even imagine the amount of love Shane Lechler would have received from a 1990's version of GBH. I literally can't even. We're talking "white girl getting her first pumpkin latte of the fall" levels of can't even.

I referred to Von Miller as Ol' Reliable last week, but I failed to pay homage to the original. Shane's been carrying the Aggie NFL banner since 2000, and for my money he's going to be the second special teamer (perhaps the third, after Devin Hester) in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The Texans did Texans things against the Colts on Thursday night, but Lechler rose above all that to submit his best game of the season.