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Best of GBH

These are the best and most popular stories of all-time on Good Bull Hunting.

The Texas Monthly Manziel Article - Our Sneak Peek

We were able to take an early look at the Johnny Manziel article, "Who is Johnny Football", in the September issue of Texas Monthly. A long excerpt from the article is inside!

We asked for Coke-flavored Pepsi at Kyle Field

Pepsi responded to our letter about having something that tastes more like Coke served at Kyle Field. They also sent me a t-shirt and ignored some important questions.

Add Johnny's autograph to your profile pics

This memorabilia generator will layer QB #2's autograph onto any image you choose. Get your Twitter avatar signed. No charge, as always.

Do college football stars sign autographs in bulk?

Research on eBay and the JSA autograph certification database shows that if Johnny Manziel signed autographs in bulk, he is probably not the only one.

2013 Aggie Football Wallpapers

A few select wallpapers to decorate your digital devices.

Definitive Aggie Twitter Directory

Inside you'll find a Twitter list of all Texas A&M football coaches, players, and a whole lot more.

Editorial: the Rovell Story

What can we really take away from the autograph-for-money story?

Sporting Focus: Behind the Lens w/ Andrew Hancock

Professional Sports Photographer and Former Student Andy Hancock invited Good Bull Hunting to assist him on an Aggie Football photoshoot with Johnny Manziel. Here is our story and interview with the man behind the camera.

The Wright Thompson Interview

We talked to ESPN's Senior Writer about his Manziel Story

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Fan Mail to LHN

I sent a love note to Longhorn Network but they were on to me from the beginning.

2013 Fightin' Texas Aggie Depth Chart

This is how I expect the Aggie Football team to look going into fall camp

Aggie Heisman winner at it again on social media

From his Halloween night on the town to jet-setting with celebrities, the Aggie Heisman cannot stay out of the headlines. This article combines a timeline of transgressions with a healthy dose of advice. Originally printed in 1958.

If Johnny Manziel opened a brewery

Obviously Johnny Football is too young and too NCAA eligible to own a brewery. But if he did...

A story of Mark May's hypocrisy toward Manziel

Mark May loves to give advice to Johnny Football but May's own questionable past has surfaced.

Aggie Football Cut-Outs for Your Desk at Work

These templates make a fun activity for the whole Aggie family. Print them, cut them out, glue them together, and display them proudly.

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A Guide to the Aggie Gameday Dress

Battalion, Be Thankful

An open response to the "Johnny, Be Gone" editorial posted in the Battalion on 6/18/13.

2013: The Year for Texas Football

Texas Football is BACK! Tune in for all of the highlights you deserve.

Johnny and AJ: Yes We Cancun

Johnny Football and AJ McCarron take a trip to Cancun, here's their itinerary.

What is Reveille?

cuppycup and Dr. Norris Camacho investigate the commercialization of Texas A&M's mascot Reveille.

GBH Interviews Sean Porter

We talk about the NFL Combine, Coach Jackson, his favorite memories of Aggieland, and of course....waffles.

YESSIR! You've Got Mail, Kevin Sumlin

Coach Sumlin's fax machine has almost finished blowing up. But his Gmail inbox is just getting started.

Manti Te'o Scandal [GIF]

An animated GIF to commemorate the Manti Te'o lies.

This stream has:

12 Days of Aggie Christmas

We're previewing the holiday album "A Very Aggie Christmas" in 12 installments on Good Bull Hunting.

Song #1: "Johnny the Redshirt Freshman"

We're previewing the holiday album "A Very Aggie Christmas" in 12 installments on Good Bull Hunting, beginning with "Johnny the Redshirt Freshman."

Manti Te'o Press Conference Fun Facts (All 10)

Here are the fun facts we tweeted during the Manti Te'o press conference. @Stewade and @SpreadSheetAg made this happen.

Infographic: Johnny Manziel's Heisman Campaign

Why Texas A&M redshirt freshman Johnny Manziel deserves to hoist the Heisman Trophy in 2012. Stat comparisons are visualized with a beautiful infographic.

THE TAILGATE: Rewatch Texas A&M at Alabama

Texas A&M defeated #1 Alabama in Tuscaloosa in 2012. You can live the whole thing over again by reading our preview and watching the game on ESPNU at 5pm CT on 7/28.

A look back on the A&M-to-SEC media reaction

We dig into the past to revisit the articles and tweets that drove Aggies crazy during and after realignment. No one gave us a shot to win in the SEC West, but we're doing just fine so far. Now it's time for everyone to eat some crow.

SEC Coaches go trick-or-treating

A parade of costumed SEC coaches visits the house of Mike Slive on Halloween night.

THE TAILGATE: Preview of Texas A&M vs. LSU

Texas A&M and LSU renew a rivalry as the Tigers invade College Station on Saturday.

Nifty Shades of K

I've got two phones here, girl. I'm sure your number's in one of them.


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