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Candy Hearts For The Aggie In Your Life

Why say "I love you" when you could demand a coach be fired instead?

(This post is sophomoric at best and NSFW at worst. Either way, consider yourself warned.)

Worried that you won't be able to find the right gift for Valentine's Day? Is that coupon for a free massage still sitting on the dresser from last year? Did your significant other almost leave you after that third pick six?

Fear not friends, we have the perfect last-minute, thoughtless gesture of begrudging love that's perfect for that Aggie in your life: Aggie-and-other-football-related-topical conversational candy hearts!




So get that Aggie a box of our candies and consider your job done enough. After all you tolerate them during football season, and for that you should be lavished with bullion and opiates for all your days.

You can also make your own hearts here. We are going to trust you with this power in the comments and hopefully not regret that aw crapmuffins we already regret that.