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Texas A&M's Corps of Cadets March-In at New Kyle Field

With the new grass being installed at Kyle Field, some Aggies are concerned about the future of the Corps March-In.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who keeps a close eye on the Kyle Field construction cams will notice that, with just over a month until the first home game, renovated Kyle Field is getting some grass. While many are disappointed that it is green and not maroon, a bigger issue is the absence of a track being installed around the field. It looks like basically a large bowl full of grass. "Let's eat," says Les Miles. The missing track poses an obvious problem for the famous Corps of Cadets March-In that happens just before kickoff.

I reached out to an old friend and connection at the Trigon (Campus Corps Headquarters) to gain some insight into how the grass will affect one of Texas A&M's great game day traditions. Here are the key points:

  • The grass where the track used to be is temporary. They have to tear it out again at the end of the 2014 season. March-Ins in 2014 will be on the grass.
  • There will not be a trailer for the reviewing stand in 2014. Dignitaries will stand on a slight berm located on the West Side of Kyle Field.
  • After the stadium is completed before the 2015 season, a new semi-hard surface track, similar to the previous one, will be installed.
  • The track will be more narrow than the previous one, but will not impede future March-Ins.
So do not fret Aggie faithful, our traditions will continue as normal.