A Limerick


There once was a Fisher named Jimbo Whose contract is far from in limbo His Aggies fly high Beating bama, now BYE Next week he’ll make Auburn his bimbo



Dear Johnny Manziel, Howdy! My name is Rowdy and I’m a Sophomore at Blinn College in Bryan Texas trying to get into Texas A&M. My apartment is 3 minutes away from Kyle Field in College Station Texas. Yeah, that Kyle Field you used to call home. That Kyle Field where some of the most unbelievable things to ever happen on a football field took place. The place where hundreds of thousands of Aggies and visitors alike have walked up the then miles of ramps, to see a guy from Kerrville Texas embarrass some of the best defenses in college football. The place I watched a no name redshirt freshman run across the goal-line, point up to The Good Lord above, and pound his chest in the Ag’s first SEC game. Johnny it was at that moment my father and I looked at each other with disbelief. Did that really just happen? Did this QB whose number I thought was still 15 up until the start of the game just do that to a SEC defense? What is to come? Johnny, you made me fall in love with Aggie football. As a kid growing up I would watch the game with my dad cause that is just how Saturday went, and still does. I loved watching the grit Stephen Mcgee showed on the field. I was there to see Jerrod Johnson pass to Ryan Tannehill. Then I was there to see Ryan Tannehill pass to Jeff Fuller. But Johnny, You had me, a then 16 year old kid more excited to watch a game on a crappy TV than any of them. You had me more excited to walk up what seemed like 50 stories just for a seat at the VERY TOP of Kyle Field. I saw two of your games in person. The two Sam Houston games. I remember looking on in disbelief as you stayed on the field after you scored a touchdown and kicked the extra point… you missed but still. I remember watching the hit you made on a Sam player pushing and willing yourself into the end zone. Then watching you walk over the player just like Allen Iverson did in the NBA playoffs. I have seen that play 100+ more times since then in highlight videos.(I’ve seen them all). Johnny when you threw that off balance pass to Kenric McNeal, ask my dad, I called it. I said "Heisman, He will win it". Then it happened, after one of the best college football seasons ever recorded, you did it. I will never forget it. I was sitting in my living room, my dad was in a meeting so it was just me. I almost cried during the whole show. Seeing Collen Klein, a hell of a football player out of K-state, and that other guy, both smile when the lady said "Johnny Manziel", because like everyone else in the nation they knew it was going to be you as well. You deserved it. You earned it. You walked up on stage and shook hands with greats like Archie Griffin, and Doug Flutie, and Johnny I felt just as excited as your parents and sister did. Then you gave what had to be one of the top 10 Heisman speeches of all time. You spoke of Joey V, and then it hit me. I cried like a baby cause I knew how much he meant to you and the team you lead. You spoke or Kerrville-Tivy and the city you had behind you. To this day that is the best Texas A&M team to ever grace the field. With players like Ryan Swope, Mike Evans and that defensive line that was not supposed to be that good. That team was not supposed to be that good. But players like Malcom Kennedy, Spencer Nealy, Dustin Harris, and Deshazor Everet would not let what was supposed to be hold them down. Johnny if you remember y'all were supposed to get your butts handed to you in every game. But through sheer motivation, determination, and faith. y'all finished 11-2, with a victory in the Cotton Bowl. Then that year was over and the trouble started. The autograph scandal started. Through all of that I never once wavered in my support for you. Neither did the Aggie Network. We all had your back. You sat out that half of football against Rice and that was the end of that. That season was almost as spectacular but the Ag’s lacked a defense that could match your offense. So we went to play Duke in the Chic-Fil-A bowl. Where guess what Johnny, YOU would make history again. You lead one of the greatest comebacks of all time. ALL TIME JOHNNY. You did that. Then you left. That was it. "With the 22nd pick in the NFL draft the Cleveland Browns select…Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M". That night I had a Cleveland hat ordered, and a Manziel jersey pre-ordered. But then the trouble began. Im not gonna go over your time at Cleveland cause frankly I'm glad you are out of there. But the trouble started. The incident with your then girlfriend on the road, then how ever many other incidents you had with her. Then the alcohol problems began. I had your back the whole time Johnny. I defended you to everyone. My trust in your judgement never faltered. I said to my friends, family, high-school coaches, and anyone that gave me crap for wearing your shirts and cheering for you, "He is a hell of a player that knows his limits, he likes to have fun, so what, who doesn’t? Leave him alone, he has everything in the world going for him, what would you be doing in his situation? Thats right you would be doing the same" Johnny I said that cause I honestly believed it. Von Miller, Skip Baylees, Kevin Sumlin, and Kliff Kingsbury all had your back, along with this kid from a little town in Texas. We all stuck our necks out for you. It is a little different with them though. See, Johnny when they stick their neck out for you they have a reputation they are sticking out also. They are risking their name sake on your behalf. You had a chance on multiple occasions to take over in Cleveland. But the "lifestyle" you had grown accustom to interfered with your God given opportunity. The Browns handed you the reins a couple of times but you failed. You failed to use what God gave you. You failed to show people who you really are. You let the neigh sayers, and haters get what they have always wanted. Johnny Football had gone to the biggest stage of them all, and choked. Vince Young, the QB from that school in Austin, had a more prolific career. Colt McCoy had a better career. Johnny, AJ Mccarran is still playing even. Cleveland was not where you needed to be. But it was the stepping stone put in front of you. And you wouldn't step on that stone. You jumped off the path to follow what from the outside looking in looks like addiction and a lifestyle that leads to injury or worse. Hell Johnny your own dad doesn't think you'll make it. If your father, who knows you better than anyone in the world, doesn't think you'll make it what is there to keep everyone else from thinking you won’t. I have stood up for you on what small scale I can, and I have never faltered. But when I read about the rent house situation, I did something I have never done, and I never thought would happen. I said it was over. I said it was done. I said you had no chance. Now Johnny don't get me wrong, I wish the best for you. I wish you would get help, and try to fix this while you still can. I hope you find a way out. I Pray that you snap out of what ever trance you're in and go to rehab like your agent asked. I pray that your family supports you. I know that your Aggie family will. I know that I will. "We are the Aggies, the Aggies are we, true to each other, as Aggies can be, WE"VE got to FIGHT boys WE"VE got to FIGHT, WE"VE got to FIGHT for the MAROON AND WHITE!" Yeah Johnny you know that song. There is a Spirit that ne’er be told, and Johnny the Aggie spirit, and Aggie Family will always FIGHT with you. Prove em wrong Johnny.

Rowdy Furrh

Texas A&M vs. Ole Miss will kick at 6:00 PM


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- The SEC Office on Monday announced the start times and television networks that will televise its games of Saturday, October 24. CBS has chosen the Tennessee at Alabama game for its weekly 3:30 p.m. ET time slot, while ESPN will air Texas A&M at Ole Miss.

SEC Sports

Charlie Strong allegedly cursed at a football parent


I would like to request a meeting with you (Arthur Johnson, director of football ops), Steve Patterson, President Powers and Charlie Strong. In this meeting I would like to discuss my concerns regarding a recent phone conversation with Coach Strong where I was threatened and cursed. This is a very serious issue and one that I feel needs to be addressed by the appropriate university officials.

As a parent and as an African American man I feel very disrespected by the language and tone in which Coach Strong spoke to me. Coach Strong has purported himself to be a man of integrity and an advocate of his Core Values that speak to Honesty and Respect. In his recent interaction with me he showed neither of those and I want to make sure he is held accountable for his actions the same way he holds student athletes accountable. If Coach Strong is the man he presents himself to be than I expect nothing less than an admission to what he said and an in-person apology.

This email came from the parent of a football player planning to take an official visit to Texas on Jan. 30. SB Nation obtained angry emails about Texas' ex-AD Steve Patterson

Bruce Feldman has Myles Garrett at #1 in his first Heisman Top Five


Myles Garrett, Texas A&M, DE: The 6-4, 262-pound Freak played a pivotal role in carving up a potent Arizona State offense, limiting the No. 15 Sun Devils to under 300 yards. Garrett not only had 2.5 sacks, 8 tackles, a forced fumble and drew a holding penalty, but he also drew double and triple teams and spurred his bookend mate Daeshon Hall to a four-sack night.

Which brings us back to (Chavis') ultimate spread-buster, the mustang.


Which brings us back to (Chavis') ultimate spread-buster, the mustang. The nature of that group makes it primarily a tool for stopping a passing game, but a bonus effect of having their will and mike linebackers on the field is that the scheme isn't overly vulnerable to the run game either. The brilliance of the mustang package from an X's and O's perspective is the multiplicity in coverages and pressures it can bring against opponents. Chavis will bring three-man pressures, four-man pressures, five-man fire zones, and also six-/seven-man blitzes with man coverage.

Ian Boyd on how Chavis attacks spread offenses

5-star QB enjoyed his visit to Aggieland


"I knew halfway through the day [Saturday], right around when I went to lunch, that even if I wasn't playing football, I'd feel comfortable going to college there," Martell said of Texas A&M. "That's the first time I've felt like that with a college. Adding football on top of it, that would make it that much fun."

Tate Martell talks about A&M visit.

Avery Johnson Jr. will remain an Aggie


[...] Johnson said he was re-energized in the two-plus years since he was fired by the Nets. He saw the college basketball machine work up close with the recruitment and freshman season of his son Avery Johnson Jr. at Texas A&M last season.

Johnson Jr. will remain an Aggie, his father said. There are no plans for him to transfer to the SEC program his father now coaches.

"He's excited for me in this new challenge," Johnson said of his son. "He's always wanted me to coach in college. He didn't want me to go back to the NBA. ... my whole family got a chance to meet coach Battle and Mr. St. John. So it was more than just my decision. It was a family decision and my kids were really pushing me to do this. As excited as I was, they were five times as excited."

2015-2016 Way-Too-Early Top 25


22. Texas A&M Aggies

There are returning players of note here: Jalen Jones, Alex Caruso,and especially Danuel House, who played well when a foot injury wasn't keeping him off the court. But any and all A&M-related bullishness stems entirely from the incoming class Billy Kennedy has assembled -- one that ranks behind only Kentucky and Arizona in the ESPN RecruitingNation class rankings thus far. If centers Tyler Davis and Elijah Thomas are as good as advertised, Kennedy could have one of the SEC's best frontcourts on his hands.


All four Aggie recruits advance to the UIL state tournament


Texas A&M’s entire men’s basketball signing class — four players, all from the Dallas area — have advanced to this week’s University Interscholastic League boys state basketball tournament, Thursday through Saturday at San Antonio’s Alamodome.