SEC football/marching band uniform mashups


Have you ever wondered what each SEC school's football uniform would look like if it was inspired by the marching band? Of course you haven't. But the folks at did, and brought us this gem.

They've also done this same concept for the Big 12, Big Ten and Pac 12. This is good nerdery right here.

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Texas A&M Basketball in first place in the SEC


The Aggies beat Mizzou today, while Kentucky lost to Vanderbilt. A&M holds the tiebreaker after beating the Wildcats last week at Reed Arena.

Texas A&M Ranked #19 in first College Football Playoffs rankings


The selection committee released their first rankings of this season tonight.

Texas A&M Is Siri's Favorite College Football Team


Ok, so Siri always picks the #25 team in the AP Poll, but it's still fun while it lasts.

Myles Garrett Forced Fumble


Myles Garrett Forces a Fumble

Von Miller's phone needs to learn who Myles Garrett is


Legendary Aggie pass rusher Von Miller was excited when current legendary pass rusher Myles Garrett forced the fumble at the end of regulation. Unfortunately, his autocorrect foiled the spelling. Luckily he posted the manual correction just so we would know who he was talking about. We love Von Miller.

Jerryworld's Finest Cuisine & Beverages


This delicious and Atkins-friendly tavern menu is perfect for taking in some SEC football at AT&T Cowboys' Stadium. CLICK HERE FOR TEXAS-SIZE VERSION.