t.u. Student Body Might Vote to Play the Damn Game


Looks the the t.u. SBP is giving the students the chance to tell their AD they want the A&M game back. If we're being realistic, Perin will probably ask the boosters their opinion (read: ask Red McCombs for permission) before he makes any kind of decision. Either way, it's nice to see at least ONE part of that school/fanbase is interested in renewing this thing. I hope this generates some movement and that Woodward is receptive to it. In the meantime, I guess I have to settle for playing them in baseball...and I don't even like baseball.

Kirk Merritt removed from Aggie football program

Per The Eagle, Kirk Merritt has been removed from the Texas A&M football program due to the recent charges of indecent exposure filed against him.

Good Bull from the WBB team


Women's Bouncy Ball raises money for injured yell leader Ken Belden

Aggie Internet Vote - Al Roker


View and share the submission video to help bring Rokerthon to campus.

Messing with tu


Funny Lie Witness News at tu.

Adorable Uniform For Medical


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The Import - Jermaine Eluemunor


Interesting SI article about some NFL draft longshots with the last section a Q &A with Jermaine Eluemunor.



I wrote an article.

Aggies playing SMU on t-sip network


I know it's volleyball and t.u. is probably in the bracket, but this is still messed up because even Longhorn fans don't buy this POS channel. Not even people who care can watch it.