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Join the GBH NCAA Bracket Challenge

I didn't look at the bracket, but I picked A&M to win every game.

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Well the annual tradition of filling out entirely too many brackets to keep up with is finally back upon us. This year has a little twist:


It was admittedly so much easier to fill out brackets when the emotion of picking A&M games was not a part of the equation. It's so damn good to see the Aggies back in the NCAA Tournament, and I'll gladly take that emotion any day of the week to watch the Aggies play in the greatest postseason tournament in sports.

Are you a 5/12 game kind of person? Yale over Baylor? Is this the year a 1-seed finally drops to a 16-seed? Oregon is one of the softest 1-seeds in recent tournaments. It's time to show your college basketball prowess and make your NCAA Tournament bracket picks!

Join the Good Bull Hunting bracket challenge on Yahoo! Sports.

Group password: gbh

Good luck, and BTHO everyone else in the tournament!