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Instant Reaction: Aggies fall to Gators 66-62

That was not a good game. Definitely not a good game.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Aggies went on the road to Gainesville and had one of the more frustrating games of the season to watch for Aggie Basketball fans. This wasn't a must-win for the Aggies and the NCAA Tournament hopes, but it definitely would have made things easier.

1. That was an impressive start

The Aggies got out to a 10-0 start very early in this game, and it looked like they were going to cruise to a nice road victory on their way to the SEC Tournament. Both Caruso and Green hit early three pointers, and you really couldn't ask for much more at the start. Then, the rest of the first half took place. The Gators finally got their legs under them and stepped up their aggressiveness on defense. We've had trouble all year against strong aggressive defenses, so it's not too much of a surprise that it caused the Aggies to struggle for the rest of the game.

Florida is incredibly fast and athletic, and they are very quick to jump out on high screens, forcing our guards to dribble the ball much further to the sidelines than we'd like in our offense. We definitely need a little more creativity in those sets, because we simply don't have an answer for a team like Florida that is that aggressive on high ball screens.

2. They put out the House fire

Danuel House was defended beautifully by Billy Donovan and the Gators tonight. The reason why it was so beautiful is because they made it look so simple. Prevent him from driving to the right, and hedge a double team his direction on ball rotation outside the key. Pretty simple, yet a death-blow for the Aggie offense and Danuel House. The frustrating part for Aggie fans is that nothing is done during the game to adjust and get your best scoring opportunity better looks. This could spell trouble for the Aggies heading into the SEC Tournament and what's trending towards a play-in game in the NCAA Tournament. House finished the game with zero points on 0-10 shooting and 4 turnovers.

3. This Dino Gaudio guy

This might be the first instant reaction piece on a color commentary guy during a game, but he was unbearable to listen to during the broadcast tonight. He couldn't provide any insight to plays or sets that teams were running, which is, ya know, kind of a key characteristic of a color commentary broadcaster. Perhaps the lowlight for him on the night was in the span of about 15 seconds in the first half when trying to scan his media sheet in front of him to find "Texas A&M #14.

The maroon guy that made the pass right there. The A&M post guy"

Those are real-life sentences used in a real-life game to describe the starting center for a team tonight.

The Aggies final game of the regular season is this Saturday at home against Alabama, and it will be as close a must-win game as possible for the tournament hopes. BTHO the tide.