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It's Bracket Time

It's time for everyone's favorite month of basketball.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

SBNation is using Real Time Brackets for bracket challenges this year, and there are some pretty awesome benefits of this for the massive amounts of casual hoops fans out there. If you get excited about filling our a bracket only to be pissed off 2 days later when your bracket is busted, then this is the type of bracket system for you!

For starters, click here to go to the Good Bull Hunting group page:

The group password is: waffles

Once you're there, it will ask you to select a game type. Here's the breakdown:

Traditional: Only make picks once before the tourney starts. You're locked in when the first game tips off.
Intermediate: Change picks anytime, except while games are being played. Never have a busted bracket because a two seed lost to a 15 seed on day 1. You can pick winners of each game before the game starts.
Advanced: Change picks anytime, including in real-time during live games. This one is for the hardcore fan that wants to watch every single game. You have until the final television timeout of each game to pick the winner.
Pretty awesome, right? For those asking how this is fair (I was one of them at first), it's pretty simple. Each time you change a pick, the maximum points you can win for that game decrease. As far as the leaderboard is concerned, each game type will have it's own leaderboard, as well as the overall leaderboad. We're pretty excited about this format, and looking forward to seeing who picks which game type.
Have fun, good luck, and BTHO not being in the NCAA Tournament.