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Instant Reaction: Aggies notch 6th win in a row

The Aggies now hold sole possession of 2nd place in the SEC after defeating Vanderbilt 69-58.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Aggies returned to Reed Arena on a five game winning streak, and a solid social media campaign had Reed Arena packed for tipoff of the game against the struggling Vanderbilt Commodores. We've seen the team squander opportunities to capitalize on fan momentum the last few seasons and once already this season. Things came together today, as the Aggies defeat Vanderbilt 69-58.

1. Reed Arena

I may have been lying on the couch with a box of thin mints and getting my butt kicked by bronchitis, but Reed Arena looked and sounded awesome today. It looks so much better on TV when everyone is wearing white (the former students were slacking today). It was great hearing the crowd with big plays, and finally being able to hear the yells on TV during a basketball game. A tip of the hat to the Reed Rowdies, well done.

2. Gritty, High IQ, Coach on the Floor

Oh and former ball boy. All the cliches were out in full force today for Alex Caruso, and rightfully so. Alex had a great game today. When he's got it going on for a game, it's going to be tough for another team to knock the Aggies off at home. Caruso finished the game with 14 points, 10 assists, 4 steals, and 7 rebounds. I'll take Caruso, House, and Jones all in double digits every day of the week. And don't forget Jordan Green, who put up 10 points tonight as well.

3. Free Throws

I mean, there's a reason your Fightin' Texas Aggies are the worst team in the Southeastern Conference in team free throw percentage. The worst. Believe it or not, the Ags actually shot below their season average today, going 12-21 from the line. I'd like to see the NCAA enforce a 30 second shot clock for college hoops, but maybe we should start lobbying for the option to inbound the ball from half court rather than shooting free throws.