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Instant Reaction: Aggies upset the LSU Tigers 67-64

The Aggies went on the road today...and holy cow won in a early tip off game!

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports


1. "I hope they shot their wad."

This is an actual thing Billy Kennedy said in the halftime interview. Strangely enough, they did. After being hot from behind the arc in the first half, LSU went 1-12 from three point range in the second half. Billy Kennedy is a damn cajun soothsayer.

2. He's taller than you, and can jump higher too

Jordan Mickey was just shy of 200 blocked shots in this game, so our strategy to drive towards him in the middle of the paint and take soft layups was, how do you say, not so good. In all seriousness, Mickey is an unreal athlete down low and will make a good living at the next level because of it.

3. That second half tho

The Aggies were down by 13 in the second half and eneded up winning against a team that was considered to be safely in the tournament before today. Yes, this will be in the bad loss column for LSU. Moving on. The offense we all saw in the last 10 minutes of the game today is what we need to see more of with the type of players on the floor. Jordan Green is not a set play guy on offense.  He had back to back looks on quick transition offense and stopped an LSU run that spurred the A&M comeback. Robinson, House, Jones, Caruso. There's no reason that lineup should be taking shots with less than 10 seconds on the shot clock.

The team played noticeably more aggressively late in the second half, and it was the difference in this game. The big question for the Aggies is whether they can  continue to play with that kind of intensity. If they played like the last 10 minutes today and like they did against Kentucky, you're looking at a 1 loss team so far this season. Okay...Kennedy's wad-blowing jinx voodoo curse had a lot to do with it too with all those open threes LSU missed in the second half.