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Podcast #118 - No Arkansas Hype For You

Buy or Sell: Lots of hype for Arkansas against the Aggies.

Scott Halleran

We had to cover some big news to start the podcast. 1.) A&M and Notre Dame scheduled a home and home for kids that are currently in 2nd grade to enjoy as freshmen in high school. 2.) You can go to and sign up for early access to the iOS app. 3.) And last but absolutely not least, Coach Sumlin and the Swaggercopter made an appearance to check out Malik Jerfferson at the Poteet vs. Heath game tonight (complete with Heath student section chanting "KEV-IN-SUM-LIN).

With those goodies out of the way, it's finally time to jump in head first to some SEC West games. The Aggies kick off division play against the Arkansas Razorbacks on Saturday while Uncle Verne and Gary Danielson get complete manrections over the power running game from the Razorbacks. We take a deep look at what it's going to tOH MY GOSH I CAN"T FOCUS WITH ALL OF THE HYPE ARKANSAS IS GETTING COMING INTO THIS GAME! Look, we've been wrong before, but we just aren't buying it (this episode was recorded during the Tech loss to Oklahoma State by the way). Sure the contrasting styles will make for an interesting matchup, but we're not sold on this one.

Another piece of big news we discussed on the podcast is the upcoming release of our good friend Josh's  (@GigEmNation) book that explains the 2013 Aggie Football season through British perspective. We're getting our hands on a few advanced copies of the book, and we'll be giving one away on our show as soon as our copies arrive. We need a creative contest for this, so give us your ideas in the comments section below. How should we pick a winner?