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Podcast #117 - Turfgate and Nitpicking the Rice Game

Such a weird game, so many hot takes.

We need much more of this touchdown celebration.
We need much more of this touchdown celebration.
Bob Levey

The playing surface we terrible for the Rice game. It was unsafe, and a shame that so many players had injuries from it. There, we got that out of the way. Of course we talk about Turfgate, discuss what could have been done, and try to figure out what can be done going forward. It wasn't pretty, but let's all hope our grounds team can work some magic over the next 26 days.

We put on our coaching hats and try to be as critical as we can against a team that won by four touchdowns. There's plenty of corrections and improvements to be made, but we have to question how much was just a vanilla gameplan. Also, did anyone else feel how weird the atmosphere was leaving Kyle Field after the game. Such a strange game.


The conversation drifted towards discussing the College Football Playoff and how AP voters make their choices, so wear some oven mits before handling these hot sports takes!