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Podcast: Cocky Talk, Talking Spreads, and Wildcards

It's finally time for a game preview podcast. Let's do this.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Week 1 is upon us and we were finally able to cure the itch of doing a game preview podcast that's been plaguing us for 7 long months. This episode is a long one, but we couldn't help ourselves. So put on your headphones, act like you're getting some work done (we know you aren't anyways), and get amped up for Thursday night!


The Aggies are on their way to Columbia, South Carolina for another the first game of the historic newly created rivalry between them and the Gamecocks. We were joined by Brandi Mills to get a fan's perspective on the matchup with the Aggies. Brandi was a great sport and a lot of fun to chat with, so give her a follow if you're on Twitter. We also kicked off two segments that will be regulars on our weekly preview shows. Doug hopped on to give us the top betting lines across the country, and he's likely still laughing at the picks Hunter and I made. Wes makes his return to The Around Aggieland Show with the much loved, often feared Wildcard Wes segment.