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SEC Media Days 2014: Mark Richt and the Presidency

It was an eventful day in Hoover where Mark Richt unveiled his run for the White House.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

There were a lot of issues the assembled media were hoping to have addressed today when they had the opportunity to address the Georgia leader. The previous year was a disappointment for the constituents of the United States of Georgia. This particular stop on the campaign trail in Hoover, Alabama was going to be highly criticized for Presidential hopeful Mark Richt.

Richt approached the podium with his solid black suit, freshly pressed white dress shirt, and the most powerful of red power ties. Aside from the cacophony of camera shutters, the room was silent with anticipation to hear Mark Richt's three point plan to return his nation to its rightful place as the most powerful in the East world.

On Immigration Reform

My goal is for those guys to be educated and get good information. Don’t go by what an agent might say. Don’t just go by what I might say. There’s ways of finding out where you stand, and where you might improve your draft status from one year to the next. We want them to understand the value of their degree. We have the PO (Paul Oliver) Network to help guys transition from football to the business world. I've never hindered a player on where he wants to transfer.

While many feel that Richt is entirely too relaxed on his immigration policy, you have to admire the freedoms he grants to legally pursue an opportunity that may be better suited for their personal situations.

On improving the nation's defense

Coach Pruitt is a proven coach. He’s won everywhere he’s been. He knows what it looks like to win big, and he’s put in a system about how we’re going to go about our business. The guys have really bought in to it.

Secretary of Defense Jeremy Pruitt received heavy criticism from pundits when he was appointed to his new position. Many felt this was too risky of a nomination after Pruitt recently left the Southeastern Party to be in the Atlantic Coast Party for a year at Florida State. Pruitt, however, easily cleared his confirmation hearings due to his impressive defensive tactics and policies.

Increasing Minimum Wage

Anything can happen when a guy gets an opportunity. Look at Johnny Football that start as a freshman and end up winning the Heisman. We’ll have to wait and see about QB play in the league this year...I'm all-in on giving more to the players. Anything we can do to help them down the road is good.

The status of the economy has been a priority for the media over the past year. The on-going lawsuits will have long last impacts on constituents, and it's pivotal for those in charge to support this message and be vocal about it. Richt was not alone today in his stance on increasing minimum wage. Senator Chris Conley was even more vocal on his support for increasing minimum wage in the United States of Georgia.

This past semester I've been working on some projects and preparing for football so I didn't get to pay attention to it as much as I’d like to. But as I've stated many times before I think it's a pertinent issue and I think it's one that needed to be raised. The fact that they are working on that and trying to answer those questions is progress. And the steps they are taking in establishing a case and asking those tough questions and debating about that, I think those are all positive things...When you look at a market economy some of those things just balance themselves out after a while. Am I saying that's what we should do? I don't know, maybe. It’s something that won’t happen while I'm at Georgia, but for people that are coming up those questions need to be answered and if that's the case and these things change then make it happen.