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SEC Media Days 2014: Arkansas Razorbacks

Arkansas showed up to Media Days to reassure everyone that they will be better next year and OH MY GOSH WE WERE ON THE MOTION PICTURE BOX!

Which way did he go, Bert?
Which way did he go, Bert?
Brandon Larrabee

Bret Bielema and the Razorbacks showed up at Hoover will all of the confidence that in no way, shape, form, or fashion belongs to a team that went 0-8 in the SEC last year. I will say that for all of the crap the man more affectionately known as Bert receives, he was one of the most refreshing and straight-forward coaches we've heard from today. He opened up by saying he'd talk about last season for one minute, because that's all he'd need (that's what she said).

The Razorbacks are looking to improve on last season's results, and it really won't take much to do that. They have Brandon Allen back taking snaps this year, and Coach Bielema said he's had one of the best offseasons he's ever seen from a position player. We're currently devising a sliding scale on this comment that's based on Big 10 players. Bielema is expecting his defense to be vastly improved with his new staff.

Last year scouting reports would have said to expose our corners. That’s probably one of the most improved aspects of our team.

Coach Bielema also shared his excitement in playing Mizzou in their new annual rivalry* on the Friday after Thanksgiving. He thinks it's a great opportunity for his guys to play on a big stage against an opponent that just won the SEC East.

Speaking of playing on big stages, I wonder how he feels about playing the Aggies in Dallas?

"Coach, Derek from The A&M/Arkansas series goes back to Dallas this year, which is traditionally a recruiting hotbed for Arkansas. After the contract runs up would you like to see that game stay in Dallas or go back to the campuses?"


"I think without a doubt for us. We call them "TexHogs". We go into Texas and try to recruit as many Arkansas guys as we can, obviously with the state border. You have Jerry Jones who stands for everything that is the NFL and he's one of the hugest hog fans you'll ever meet. I heard him give a speech where he was quoted as saying to have a Super Bowl and have all these high profile events in his stadium, but to have Texas A&M play Arkansas in his stadium is one of the most rewarding of his career. For a guy to say that, means we want to stay true to that tradition. Kevin and I go way back coaching against each other in the Big 10, to be able to compete against him at that level. To be able to go to a kid in the state of Texas and let him know every year you're going to play in Cowboys Stadium. Nobody else in the SEC can say that but the guys at A&M. That's a huge recruiting advantage, and one that we're going to capitalize on to the fullest."



Okay, back to sports. Safety Alan Turner is also a fan of having the game at Cowboys Stadium.

Between us and Texas A&M, it's always special when you get to play at Cowboys Stadium.

Knowing full well Bielema wasn't going to soften his stance on the pace of play in college football (he's still clinging to player safety even though there's no evidence for it, compared to the evidence that say he's wrong), Toad decided to ask Defensive End Trey Flowers for his thoughts.

That's not really me to dictate. Football is football, there's gonna be injuries here and there. That could be an argument, and I think that's Coach Bielema's argument and I'm playing for Coach Bielema so I'm going to stand behind him. (laughter from him and the media)

Coach Bielema definitely seems to have control over his team heading into the season, but they'll be tested early this season when they start the season with Auburn staring at them in Game 1.