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SEC Media Days 2014: Mississippi State Bulldogs

Dan Mullen addressed the media to remind everyone that things are kind of sort of okay.

Dan Mullen: Happy. Confident.
Dan Mullen: Happy. Confident.
Brandon Larrabee

So Dan Mullen followed up Steve Spurrier at SEC Media Days. There are several hundred reasons why that's just not fair. It's the cards we were dealt, and the cards that were played with as the question and answer portion kicked off. You could say the media was suffering from the hangover effects from Spurrier being in the room.

Coach Mullen was in a good mood, and he has reason to be after the winning their final three games of last season. He delivered perhaps the hottest sports take of the day when he told the media he thinks there are 7 coaches in the SEC West that are all expecting to find a way to win. I agree Coach, I agree. They'll be playing in the largest stadium in the state of Mississippi, and Coach Mullen took a moment to brag about their streak of sellout games. Dak Prescott is looking forward to a big season and hopes to show off his long ball that he says has improved this offseason. Prescott says that losing close games like the one to Auburn and playing on the road in front of loud fan bases like Texas A&M give the returning guys a lot of confidence. The Bulldogs are also returning 30 players from last year's team who started at least one game, and Coach Mullen thinks that is going to go a long way in helping the confidence of the young guys on the team.

I'm excited to have starters like Prescott and Day back that the young kids can look at and see how to prepare for games. Talking about it to the young talented players is one thing, but them getting to see it means more. Having starters back is great, but each team is an independent team. Dak is going to be a different player than he was last year. He’ll learn from where he was last year. You have to get comfortable with each team and see how the team is molding and how they’re playing together.

One player in particular that is returning on the defensive side of the ball for the Bulldogs is Linebacker Benardrick McKinney. Coach Mullen expects him to be the vocal and emotional leader on the field this season. McKinney is one of the the long and freakishly athletic linebackers that are starting to rise in popularity in the college and pro football ranks. McKinney was not heralded as a big recruit, and he says that makes him play with a huge chip on his shoulder.

I was from a small town. I was really just an athlete playing quarterback. I came to Mississippi State and they put me on defense. I graduated high school at 200 pounds, so I had to put on a lot of weight.

McKinney has high hopes for Dak Prescott this season, and said he loves the way he runs the football. For the 500th time in the first two days of these sessions, this led to Johnny Manziel being brought up.

It was frustrating trying to tackle Johnny. He's so slippery. You think you'd have him and then you just fall down or something.

We leave you with this from Safety Jay Hughes:

I really like John Mayer. You know like when he does that little solo stuff? Oh man.