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Aggie Basketball vs. New Orleans - Instant Reaction

The Aggies get another big early season win over University of New Orleans.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Aggies rolled past University of New Orleans off 16 points from Peyton Allen, 15 from Jalen Jones, and 14 from Danuel House. Here's what we learned today:

1. Ball movement and player movement without the ball is so much better this season. It's better, but far from consistent. We're still seeing those terrible scoring droughts where there's plenty of standing around and dribble handoffs, but it's getting better. This is a really fun team to watch this year, and they're only going to get better this season. There will be some hiccups, but this is definitely a better basketball team thanks to scoring threats in Allen, Jones, and House. Those three allow guys like Caruso and Robinson to focus on keeping everyone involved and take advantage of scoring on their own with much less pressure.

2. I really like Jalen Jones on the post. He won't always have a height advantage there, but he's definitely got the strength and the touch around the rim to be a consistent scoring threat for the Aggies within the 15 foot range. We're seeing guys be more aggressive by driving to the paint, but we really need a guy to step up and separate themselves as a problem for defenses down low. This means Coach Kennedy will be using a four guards on the court, which leads to my next point.

3. Rebounding has got to get better and more consistent. While the Aggies won the rebounding battle today against New Orleans 36-35, this could have been disaster against a mediocre opponent this early in the season. I mean this nicely UNO fans, but they are ranked 324th out of 351 by Ken Pomeroy for a reason. They aren't a good team, and they are pretty far from a mediocre team. I think this will get better as the season goes on and guys get more familiar with their rotation and their responsibilities in those rotations, but only time will tell.