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Instant Reaction: Aggies fall in Puerto Rico

Three quick thoughts from the ground floor after Thursday's heartbreaking loss against Dayton

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

1) Offensive Identity

It's still a giant question mark. Against a good man defense, the Aggies still don't have a player that can consistently create a shot for themselves. The Flyers briefly showed a zone and it completely shut down any momentum the Aggies were getting. I think the answers here come in time with Jones and Fitzgerald.

2) Layups

The hardest thing in all of sports if you're wearing a Maroon and white jersey. Layups man, layups.

3) In-game Coaching

Dayton is absolutely lethal on sets out of bounds and out of timeouts. We are the opposite. And why isn't Kennedy prepared to play 2 for 1 with the clock winding down. I'll be nice on the personnel decisions for now. Archie Miller came out of this one easily though.